Avoiding a visit to a foot doctor

November 12, 2012

Avoiding a visit to a foot doctor

Foot health and in particular our toenails are often overlooked but our feet are an important part of our body that work hard on a daily basis. Taking better care of them by following this step by step guide may be all that is required to avoid a trip to the foot doctor.

1. Toenail fungus can be treated from home with some natural remedies so a visit to the foot doctor may not be necessary. Vinegar is a great treatment for toenails fungus and can be found in most kitchen cupboards. When dead cells and fungus build up under the toenails and can become thickened, raised and painful. Regularly rubbing vinegar into the area will help to kill off the fungus and eventually the nail will re grow in a good and healthy condition. Try using the vinegar remedy 3 times a day and whenever the nail gets wet and you should be on your way to recovery.

2. Even once the nail has returned to a normal condition, it is recommended to continue using the vinegar treatment to keep the fungus away and prevent any unwanted trips to the foot doctor. Even once the symptoms have disappeared the fungus is probably still present and in many people always will be. Once the new healthy nail has fully developed the vinegar can be used less regularly but it is still a good idea to apply it once a day. Additionally remember to keep your feet dry as much as possible as the fungus thrives on damp conditions. Whilst treatment is easily available from a foot doctor, using vinegar is just as effective and a much cheaper option.

3. There are a number of things that can be done in order to maintain good foot health and prevent foot problems such as an ingrown toenail. This is a common condition and in some cases requires a foot doctor to remove the nail. You can prevent an in grown toenail by wearing shoes that fit well and by keeping your nails cut to a proper length, making sure they are not too short. Although they are somewhat of a fashion statement, pointy shoes are bad for the health of our feet and are one of the causes of ingrown toenails.

4. Ingrown toenails can be avoided by cutting the nails in a certain way. In order to follow this method you first need to let your nails grow to around 1/8 inch. The trick is not to cut the nails to a point or rounded but instead to cut straight across just above the skin either side of the toe. You can then file the nail slightly so that it is not sharp but be careful not to file too much of the nail away. A little trick that will definitely prevent requiring the assistance of a foot doctor is to cut a very small v shape at the centre of the nail. This will encourage the nail to grow towards the centre rather than out towards the surrounding skin. This method can even help to improve a nail that is already ingrown as it will relieve the pressure on the outer edges.

5. If the pain is particularly bad or the symptoms are persistent then it is always best to see a foot doctor. Without proper treatment there is a risk of further problems or complications later on.

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