Are You Considering Getting Braces?

November 12, 2012

Are You Considering Getting Braces?

When considering getting braces for your teeth, there is a lot to think about as it is quite a complicated process.

If you are thinking about getting braces you have probably discovered that the process is not as simple as your first thought. It may be that you have very many questions about the process from how to find a good orthodontist to how much will it cost.

First things first

If you are serious about getting braces the first step is to find a great orthodontist – do this by asking around, a personal recommendation is always the best way to find a good practitioner. When you have decided on the orthodontist of your choice ask if they can offer you a free consultation – this way you can find out what treatment plan is recommended for you, how long it will take and also how much getting braces will cost you. Make sure that the estimated cost of your treatment also includes the necessary follow-up work – adjustments, retainers, removal of the braces etc.

No need to be scared

The thought of getting braces may be a little daunting but there is no real need to worry and no doubt afterwards you will wonder why you had any anxiety at all. Many people, understandably, are worried that the process is painful – it shouldn’t be, some discomfort is inevitable but there should be no pain involved.

Do I really need braces?

Whether you are an adult looking at getting braces for yourself or a parent getting them for your child it is likely that you feel your teeth, or your child’s teeth, need some correction. Once you have consulted with your orthodontist your needs will be clearer and you will have an idea of price. For many people the price of the treatment is the deciding factor – you may want to check if your insurance covers all or some of the cost.

What are my choices?

Your orthodontist will probably tell you that you have a number of choices with regard to your braces –

  • Ceramic braces

    – clear braces, high quality, less noticeable.

  • Speed braces

    – new technology which reduce treatment time

  • Metal braces

    – not popular due to their unsightly appearance.

Life with braces

Once you have had your braces fitted you will soon get used to them, it is important not to miss any of your follow up appointments and to follow your treatment plan carefully. One thing that may people who are thinking of getting braces do not realize is that you will have to think about what you eat! Obviously there will be some food items which you will have to avoid for the duration of your dental treatment including sticky sugary foods, corn on the cob and anything which is tough to bite. No doubt your orthodontist will give you full advice on this as well as your follow up care.

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