Allergic to Dogs? Reduce Your Exposure to Them This Way!

November 12, 2012

Allergic to Dogs? Reduce Your Exposure to Them This Way!

Are you allergic to dogs? Well, if you are having a tough time coping in today’s dog-filled world, here are some top tips to help you out. While the majority of allergists out there will agree that medicine might help if you are allergic to dogs, the most effective way to control your dog allergies would simply be to avoid getting in contact with any dogs to begin with.

What to Do If You Know People with Dogs

Be wary of anybody who owns dogs.

This might sound like intense paranoia to you, but dog dander can actually cling to all sorts of things, including bags and clothes. Therefore, even if your friends didn’t bring their dogs to your house, they might still bring some of their dogs’ dander along with them – and this isn’t a good thing.

Stay away.

No matter how cute or cuddly they might seem, avoid touching, petting and kissing dogs, and avoid going to a dog owner’s house altogether. If you have no choice but to be in the same house as a dog, though, request for the owner to keep him away from you because of your allergies beforehand.


If you are allergic to dogs and already know that you will be seeing a dog sometime soon, get yourself ready and buy some medicine several weeks beforehand. By taking preventative medicine, you can actually avoid getting an allergic reaction when the time comes for you to face the dog.

What to Do if You Own Dogs

Naturally, the aforementioned tips won’t help very much if you are allergic to dogs, but have one in your own house anyway. Fortunately, you can still rely on the following tips to help you out in this case:

Clean fanatically.

As mentioned earlier, dog dander can cling to all sorts of things. This means that you have to mop up and sweep the floors, clean the furniture and vacuum the rugs on a regular basis. Ideally, you should get an HEPA-filtered vacuum, as well, so you can catch all of the dog allergens and keep them out of your home air as much as possible.

Never let the dog loose.

Stay safe by keeping certain places in the house completely dog-free. Depending on what the surroundings and weather are like at your place, you can even keep your dog outside for most of the time.

Keep the air filtered.

Central air conditioning and heat can send dog dander into all of the rooms in the house, even if you keep the dog out of some of the rooms. Because of this, it would be helpful to invest in a central air cleaner and on vent filters to keep the dog dander out.

Help yourself out.

Pull the carpets up. Throw out the drapes and the rugs. Get rid of any overstuffed and dusty furniture. By reducing the amount of items that usually catch dog dander and dust, you can actually help yourself and your allergy symptoms out a lot – believe it.

Do not allow the dog to come into your room.

Because you spend most of your time in your bedroom, it would be vital to keep it safe from dog dander if you are allergic to dogs. Although closing your door won’t seal the dog allergens out completely, doing so will at least help a little bit.


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