AGS Cancer Treatment – A Very Effective Alternative Treatment for Cancer

November 12, 2012

AGS Cancer Treatment - A Very Effective Alternative Treatment for Cancer

AGS cancer treatment happens to be a very effective alternative treatment for cancer and is thus treated as a very important method nowadays – and deservingly so.

Cancer can affect the human cells and, in turn, make abnormal cells multiply uncontrollably and affect other body parts through lymph nodes, tissues and blood. This disease is fatal and the survival rate for it is extremely low. Plus, cancer treatment usually comes with numerous side effects because both healthy and diseased cells get killed off in the process.

Fortunately, AGS cancer treatment now exist – an alternative cancer treatment that uses nothing but all-natural remedies to treat the disease. This therapy is proven to treat different kinds of cancers, as well – brain cancer included.

How It Works

Well, in a nutshell, some compounds inside ginseng have been proven to stop the spread of cancer without any kinds of side effects whatsoever – believe it. Ginseng has a lot of active compounds called ginsenosides in it, in general, which are known to kill cancer and promote the growth of healthy cells.

Unfortunately, some of these ginsenosides cannot tell the difference between healthy and unhealthy cells. So, if somebody suffers from cancer, these ginsenosides might end up promoting the growth of cancerous cells.

The right kinds of ginsenosides, though, are able to prevent the growth of cancer cells and can even convert them into healthy cells again. These ginsenosides are called Aglycon Sepogenins, or AGS, for short.

AGS are very effective cancer-fighting substances that could successfully treat all kinds of cancer in the future. They are generally broken down into anti-cancer metabolites called M1, which are effective against various drug-resistant cancers and cannot normally be treated. Mutants are known to resist chemotherapy drugs, too, but AGS can kill cancer cells in various ways.

How to Get It

Although ginseng doesn’t have any property on its own because its substances are not concentrated in the roots, it is possible to create AGS out of it. Unfortunately, it would take around a hundred pounds of ginseng to get a gram of AGS and it would be extremely expensive to do so, too. This is basically why people have had trouble making AGS available to the public in the form of AGS cancer treatment.

However, some countries are making an effort to do so. One biotechnology company in Canada, for example, is producing drugs that have some AGS in them. Hopefully, more pharmaceutical firms will do the same in the near future and help promote effective AGS cancer treatment. After all, it is the most vital alternative therapy to treat cancer nowadays. Plus, it is completely natural, so it won’t harm the patients while getting rid of the cancer cells and repairing them.

AGS cancer treatment was first discovered in China, but the entire world is waiting for it to develop in some way. Although it might be too early to say that this treatment is a genuine success, studies do show that it can treat a lot of different kinds of cancer – and that is much better than what other people have come up with so far. So, hopefully, things will develop and grow for this natural treatment option soon.

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