A Complete List of Addiction Statistics in Canada

November 12, 2012

A Complete List of Addiction Statistics in Canada

Incidence and Prevalence

- 1 out of 5 Canadians will end up experiencing some form of mental illness at one point or another, while the other 4 will know somebody else who will.

- 1 out of 10 Canadians aged 15 years old and above report problems involving alcohol or drug dependence.

- 3.8% of Canadian adults living in Ontario have a moderate or extreme addiction to gambling.

- Around 20% of the people who have mental problems usually have a problem with substance abuse, as well.

- Mental problems affect a person’s mood, behavior, and way of thinking and is usually linked to distress. The symptoms may range from mild to extreme.

- 1% of people suffer from schizophrenia, while 8% suffer from major depression and 12% suffer from anxiety disorder.

The Affected People

- 70% of illnesses and problems related to mental health start during a person’s childhood or during a person’s adolescence.

- Canadians with low income are 3 times more likely to report bad to moderate mental health than Canadians with high income.

- Men are 2 times more likely to suffer from substance dependence than women and 25% of men are at high risk for drinking, while only 9% of women are at high risk for it.

- The likelihood of women meeting the criteria for anxiety or mood disorders is 1.5 times higher than that of men.

- Young people between the ages of 15 and 24 are much more likely to get substance use or mental illness disorders compared to people of other ages.

Overall Access

- The access to Ontario psychiatrists has been ranked bad to moderate by 71% of other doctors in the area.

- Only a third of people who actually require help for Canadian mental health actually get them.

The Stigma

- It looks as if depression is going to be the largest medical health burden by 2020, as predicted by the World Health Organization.

- 46% of all Canadians believe that other people only use mental illnesses as excuses for poor behavior, while 27% of them are scared of actually becoming mentally ill.

- Only 50% of all Canadians would admit that they know somebody who is mentally ill, while 72% would admit that they know somebody with cancer and 68% would admit that they know somebody with diabetes.

- Only 12% of all Canadians admitted that they wouldn’t mind hiring an attorney who was mentally ill, while 49% admitted that they wouldn’t mind socializing with somebody who was mentally ill.

The Effect on Society

- The economy in Ontario usually has to pay $34 billion for addiction and mental illness in the area.

- The economy in Canada usually has to pay $51 billion for lost productivity and overall health care in terms of mental illnesses.

- Mental illness happens to be one of the leading causes of premature death and human disability in Canada.

- In Canada, mental health happens to be one of the leading causes of disability. In fact, it accounts for almost 30% of claims of disability and 70% of all of the costs.

- Hundreds of thousands of Canadians aren’t able to work because of mental illness every week.

- Tobacco causes a quarter of the Ontario deaths related to cancer.

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