9 Early Pregnancy Symptoms

November 12, 2012

9 Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy affects each woman differently. Some women will show all of the classic early pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness while other women don’t realize they are pregnant until their water breaks. But most women fall in between these extremes. It’s easier to recognize your personal early pregnancy symptoms after having your first baby. Here’s a list of ten most commonly reported pregnancy symptoms for you to check.

Knowing the Test Is Wrong

If this is your first baby, don’t worry. Sometimes home pregnancy tests yield false negatives. The woman is sure she’s pregnant despite the test results – and sometimes she is right! Many women report “just knowing” that they conceived and turn out to be right. This symptom is hard to pin down yet hard to ignore.

Breast Changes

Perhaps the most recorded of early pregnancy symptoms are subtle changes in the breasts. These can happen as soon as the woman is two or three weeks pregnant. Women with smaller breasts notice these changes before woman with larger breasts. Changes can be in color of the nipples, swelling of the veins and chronic soreness in the breasts or nipples. These changes occur because the body is getting ready to produce milk.

Mood Swings

Not every woman goes through emotional early pregnancy symptoms, but when they do, it can often happen before morning sickness appears. Women can vary feeling elated for no known reason or becoming intensely irritable. Some pregnant women will change their moods very frequently, while others may take hours or a day to swing from one mood to another. These mood swings should not be confused with mood swings caused by bipolar disorder.

Morning Sickness

Although called morning sickness, sudden nausea and a need to vomit can happen at any time of the day, but mostly happens when the woman’s stomach is empty. Many pregnant women also get heartburn, which can intensify nausea. This nausea can be aggravated by strong scents or even the sight of some foods. Morning sickness can happen as early as the first month of pregnancy.


Other early pregnancy symptoms include symptoms almost identical to premenstrual syndrome, especially with bloating. Bloating or gain of water weight worsens as the pregnancy goes along but occurs first in the breasts, abdomen and legs.

Low-Grade Fever

Many women report having what they thought was low-grade fever. Having a low-grade fever for more than 14 days in a row should be checked by a doctor, just in case it’s an illness and not one of the early pregnancy symptoms.


Perhaps the most stereotypical of early pregnancy symptoms is becoming easily faint or dizzy. This happens to many pregnant heroines of Victorian-era dramas. But many pregnant women do become more prone to fainting or losing their balance than usual.

Strange Dreams

Many women report having bizarre, vivid, happy or gruesome dreams just before they learned that they were pregnant. Folklore often notes that women have powerful and life-altering dreams when pregnant. There is often a grain of truth in folklore.

Strange Vaginal Discharge

Before the periods dry up, you may have a strange vaginal discharge. Usually this is watery, but it can be colored. The cervix becomes more lubricated to help the birth process.

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