7 Tips For Getting Pregnant

November 12, 2012

7 Tips For Getting Pregnant

Some women seem to get pregnant every time a man borrows her toothbrush. But for many other women, getting pregnant is incredibly difficult. Women over 35 who really had choice but to put off having children until they were financially stable tend to need tips for getting pregnant. Even their partners and impatient grandparents search online for tips for getting pregnant. Women over 40 who are generally healthy and have sex regularly with a fertile partner should talk to a doctor or a fertility expert for tips for getting pregnant. Older women may need more intensive procedures done in order to guarantee fertilization. Throw Out All Contraceptives This may seem like a no-brainier, but you will be surprised at how many women will try to get pregnant and yet still be on the pill. Some women are prescribed the pill for off-label reasons such as to get better skin or to manage chronic headaches. They try to get pregnant during the blank pill week when they know that they are not taking any hormones. But it doesn’t work that way. Have Chemical Free Privates Stop using douches, scented tampons, artificial lubricants or vaginal deodorant sprays if you are serious about getting pregnant. These chemicals can kill sperm cells or irritate the vagina to the point where conception is difficult. Men should avoid using strongly scented soap or shampoos around or on their genitals. Use the Missionary Position This is one of those tips for getting pregnant that both men and women might not want to hear. But when the man is on top, the sperm has the best chance of remaining inside of the woman and ups the odds for her getting pregnant. You can always save the kinky positions for after your children off to their grandparents’ for the night.

Elevate Her Hips

Place the woman’s hips on a soft, thick pillow so that the vagina is higher than the chest. She should remain in this position at least 15 minutes after sex. Semen runs out of the woman when she stands, sits up or urinates. In the old days, farmers would throw a bucket of cold water on the rump of a just bred mare to keep her from urinating. You don’t have to go that far!

Stop Smoking

This is another one of those tips for getting pregnant that couples try to avoid. But tobacco smoke can lower sperm count, lower a woman’s fertility and cause circulation problems in both men and women. Both halves of the couple need to stop smoking and keep as far away from tobacco smoke as possible.

Try to Relax

Depressed women or women under stress have a much more difficult time getting pregnant. Take time to laugh, relax and just enjoy the moment. If you suspect that you have depression, talk to your doctor. Depression is treatable but it does not go away by itself.

Wear Loose Pants and Underwear

This tip is for the man. Although you may look good in tight pants and teeny-tiny briefs, your sperm is getting damaged. Tight pants or underwear holds the testes close to the body. This elevates the temperature inside of the testes and deforms or kills the sperm cells.


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