4 Ways to More Effective Weight Lifting Workouts

November 12, 2012

4 Ways to More Effective Weight Lifting Workouts

Weight lifting workouts are tiresome enough without having the results from all of your effort. You won’t get results overnight, but you will get better fitness and safer weight lifting workouts if you follow these five tips.

Do Not Copy Another’s Workout

Perhaps you envy the really buff fellow at the local gym. You want to get ripped like he does, so you decide to find out his exact workout and copy it identically. Hold on, cowboy. This decision can land you in the hospital instead of the envy of others. That fellow at the gym has taken a long time to get into the shape he’s in. He’s also done trial and error to find out which exercises or how many reps work for him.

You need to have a workout catered for you, your health problems and your level of fitness. Just because you can’t bench press what your trainer can doesn’t mean you are a weakling. It just means that you are at a different fitness level. You will need to try many different exercises to find the exact workout that is right for your body.

Remember to Warm Up

Many beginners forget the importance of taking five to ten minutes to gently warm up the muscles before beginning their weight lifting workouts. Warm up exercises prevent pain and muscle damage but also stimulate bodily fluids to the muscles and joints that will need the most energy.

Good warm up exercises include walking quickly in place, jogging in place, shadow boxing, skipping rope or hitting a punching bag. Pick at least three warm up exercises to keep from getting bored and do them for 2 to 3 minutes.

Keep It To One Hour Only

More is not better when it comes to weight lifting workouts. Make workouts no longer than 60 minutes. This should include your warm-up time. When you are starting out, only do a half-hour to 45 minutes altogether. This will help reduce the chances of pulled muscles, strained tendons or other pains that can keep you sidelined and set back your timetable for weeks.

The body releases beneficial hormones such as human growth hormone when working out, but after an hour the adrenal glands releases a stress hormone called cortisol. This hormone prepares the body to react to danger. One way it does that is to slow down metabolism. You don’t want that.

Do Gradual Changes

You’ve been bench-pressing a 100 pound weight 3 times during a workout. Do not suddenly increase the reps to 10 per workout. You can really hurt yourself, get out of training and decrease your ability to put on muscle. When you commit to a workout schedule, do your best to stick to it so that your body gets used to the work and compensates by building muscle.

But how to add weight to your weight lifting workouts so that you are not adding too much at once? Limit additional weight gain to no more than a 10% increase per week.

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