4 Fabulous Fat Burning Foods

November 12, 2012

4 Fabulous Fat Burning Foods

By eating foods that boost your metabolism, you not only will get more energy from the food you eat but also helps the body dip into fat deposits. In addition to adding more fat burning food to your diet, you want to shift to eating more fiber and less fat or sodium. Before making any drastic diet or exercise plan, first talk to your doctor to see how you can lose fat safely. You can help speed up your body’s metabolism not only by eating fabulous fat burning food, but by eating in small meals about every three hours instead of eating three large meals a day. Your body needs to burn abut 10% of your meal’s calories just to digest the food. If you eat more but smaller meals, you are automatically bringing off more calories per day. Eggs The body needs more calories to burn protein than any other food. Because of this, the body will not need to add to any existing fat layers when you eat a moderate amount of eggs. Don’t go overboard and eat eggs for every single meal or you may become ill with high cholesterol. Eggs are also a natural source of vitamin B-12, which, among other jobs, helps your body digest food. If cholesterol is a problem, remove the cholesterol-rich yolks and just eat egg whites. Be sure to thoroughly cook the eggs or egg whites to prevent illnesses such as salmonella. It does not matter how your cook the eggs in order for them to retain their healthy properties. Many dieters report that a lunch of eggs, toast and a salad or cooked vegetable helps keeps away hunger until dinner time.

Low-Fat Dairy Products

Milk also contains calcium and protein, but full-fat or whole milk products contain fat that you really do not need. Goat’s milk is just as nutritious as cow’s milk. Skim or fat-free milk, low-fat yogurt and low-fat cottage cheese are your best choices.

Although there are commercial brands of ice cream marketed as being low-fat, you should still stay away from ice cream, especially if it is filled with high-calorie and high-fat inclusions like toffee, brownies or chocolate candies. These inclusions gets rid of the nutritional benefits of these fat burning foods.

Oatmeal or Porridge

Oatmeal or porridge is an often overlooked fat burning food. It’s full of fiber and helps to ward off hunger pangs. Making your own oatmeal is better for you than relying on instant oatmeal pouches, which often contain preservatives and sweeteners. Oatmeal can be a great accompaniment to low-fat plain yogurt, sliced fruit (especially bananas or raisins) and just a small amount of honey or sweetener.

Olive Oil

Switch your cooking oil to olive oil so as not to add to your body’s existing fat deposits. Olive oil contains monounsaturated fats or “good fats” that do not impact your cholesterol levels. There are many different types of olive oil. The best all-around olive oil is extra virgin olive oil. This fat burning food is great for cooking, as a bread topping and as a salad dressing.

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