20 Ways to Increase your Intellect for a Day

November 12, 2012

20 Ways to Increase your Intellect for a Day

Feeling sluggish today? You know that you’re not quite up to speed and the brain has had better days. We all know the feeling but you don’t have to tolerate it. Now there are ways to give the brain that much needed boost to get you back into the land of the living. Have a look at the suggestions below, we are sure that there will be one or two which are suitable for you. With ideas ranging from trivia and fun to exercise or intellect building nourishment you will find that lazy brain days are a thing of the past.

Drinks and food to enhance brain power

1. Water is the first thing to consider, because even if you are a little dehydrated then your brain will notice and slow down.

2. Caffeine has a lot of negative press however research has found that a little caffeine can get the brain going. So a cup of coffee or tea might be the answer.

3. And don’t forget the more exotic cousins like ginseng tea or chai, which is a tea with spices infused, these drinks will awaken the brain and can aid blood circulation and cut the feelings of fatigue.

4. Fruit and vegetables are full of nutrients and also have antioxidants which are known to aid memory, improve problem solving abilities and will help you maintain focus and concentration.

5. Salmon or fish oil supplements contain lots of omega 3 fatty acids which can help your body as well as your brain.

6. Olive oil and avocados both have qualities which benefits blood flow around the body and brain enhancing your thinking processes.

7. Cocoa may have the power to help learning and memory issues according to research and the endorphins in the cocoa increase the endorphin level in your body giving both body and mind a gentle kick.

Exercise the brain

8. Start playing games which stretch the brain a bit. Chess is an old favorite and so are word puzzles like scrabble or crosswords. Some other games that can be helpful at starting the brain up are mahjong, checkers or backgammon. And then there are the logic puzzles which everyone loves to hate. All of these games can be played against opponents, carried out yourself or up against a computer or online. So there is no excuse for not exercising your brain when it’s lazy.

9. Even doing a jigsaw or learning a new language will produce benefits.

Work the brain

10. Find out some interesting facts about anything. Trivia is a great way to get the brain up to speed and increase your general knowledge. Become an expert on science fiction, religion or frogs, it doesn’t matter just get the brain working.

11. Choose an academic subject to study, from languages to history and geography or even mathematics or science. Take an interest in a subject and work at it, as long as it stimulates the brain then it’s useful.

12. Just write down your inner thoughts and make a personal journal or diary. It will make you think and get the brain working.

13. Try using your less dominant hand to carry out an everyday action. Brush your teeth with the ‘wrong’ hand or tie your laces. Your brain works a lot harder than you would imagine just doing the simplest of tasks when we force ourselves to use the weaker side. A similar exercise could be using chopsticks instead of your usual cutlery.

14. Make the brain work, put the calculator away work it out in your head or on paper.

Use technology

15. Play a video game, either online against other people or just alone against the computer. Most games exercise your dexterity, hand eye co-ordination, speed, memory and logical thinking. These are all good features for someone needing a push to get going. You can play the old classics like Tetris or Dogfight or the newer scientifically oriented games designed to stretch your brain like Happy Neuron.


16. Go for a brisk walk, this encourages the blood to flow and the brain benefits too. The brain will perk up after your walk and not only do you receive a sharper brain but you also have cardiovascular fitness.

17. Maybe not such a good idea if you are working with machinery or are in a public place but sex will motivate all of your senses and leave you thinking with more clarity. Discretion is advised if you choose this option!

18. Tai Chi or Yoga both produce the same benefits by employing low impact exercise and stretching routines which extends mental awareness and well being.

19. Do a bit of heavy gardening, turn over some heavy earth or mow the lawn with a hand mower or pick up all of the leaves. Anything that gets your pulse rate increased a little will boost the brain. If it’s good for the heart then it’s good for the brain.

Calm Time

20. Meditate by breathing and focus on your breathing, this oxygenates the body causing the brain to become stimulated. Any other relaxation activity which causes you to focus the mind can be good at getting the brain back into gear. Whether it is just a bit of reading a book, newspaper or something online they can all help. Take your time and find the best option for you.


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