Whey Protein Dangers

November 12, 2012

Whey Protein Dangers

Muscle tissue damage and the rate of body growth are of concern to the many people who work out on a regular basis. Whey protein is an extremely popular supplement. Body builders and researchers both rate the benefits associated with this supplement. But there are whey protein dangers.


Whey protein dangers occur in men who take part in body building. It is essential for men to have an annual check up to make sure the intake of whey protein and their workout routine are well balanced. Over indulging in whey protein can cause problems. Other whey protein dangers are: it has been connected with the kidney function dropping to unacceptable low levels. Over a period of time any protein supplements which have been taken and not had time to benefit the body are mounting in the liver. This causes the liver to shut down. Too much whey protein causes a change in the PH balance within the blood stream. The blood becomes acidic and affects all systems of the body.


Whey protein is an amino acid which contains lots of protein. A by product from cheese production it has a high concentrate of branched chain amino acids. It could be said it is almost perfect as a food source. This protein is absorbed into the body quickly after it has been taken. Whey protein has no fat content and the lactose or carbohydrate content is below 1%. This protein can be taken if you suffer from intolerance to milk but use with caution. If too much is consumed the body may not be able to handle it and an allergic reaction may occur which is the same as the side effects experienced when drinking milk.

There are no carbohydrates or fat in whey protein and many people have used it as a slimming aid, as the belief is they can drink it to give them the nutrition but not the calories. The benefits of whey protein start as soon as you start the drink. The substance in the muscle will burn first once you exercise and this means the muscle tissue stays in one piece. Blood glucose levels are stabilized. The glucose is not absorbed into the bloodstream as quick, so it is cleared out of the system. Hunger pangs are reduced by whey protein as the levels of insulin are lowered.

Whey protein benefits cardiovascular health. Whey proteins are absorbed straight into the heart muscle and help to create more muscle tissue. It also repairs damaged muscle tissue which has occurred by accident or damage. By maintaining healthy muscle tissue heart problems should be reduced.

Cancer treatment involves many medicines and radiation which can cause weakness and tiredness. Whey protein can be used if a patient feels nauseas and has a low appetite. The natural substance of the whey protein is absorbed straight into the body providing nutrients.


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