What to Expect at 32 Weeks Pregnant

November 12, 2012

What to Expect at 32 Weeks Pregnant

At 32 weeks pregnant the baby is weighing approximately 3.75lbs and is roughly 16″ in length. The baby is taking up quite a bit of space in the uterus.

The pregnant mom is putting on one pound of weight per week. Half of this weight gain goes straight to the baby. Within 7 weeks the baby will have gained up to a half of the birth weight. Hair is appearing on the head of the baby at 32 weeks pregnant as well as the development of fingernails and toenails.

At 32 weeks pregnant heartburn and breathlessness may be experienced. This is due to the uterus pushing upwards towards the diaphragm and stomach. Eating small meals frequently may help to alleviate any discomfort experienced.

As the pregnancy progresses, low back pain may occur. If this has not been a problem for you before and suddenly you have back pain, it is important to contact your medical team. It may be an indication of a pre-term labor and should be checked out.

If itÂ’s not pre-term labor it is more than likely the fact the uterus is growing which is causing the pain. The uterus which is getting bigger to accommodate the baby changes your posture and the abdomen muscles stretch and become weaker. This can cause back strain. Changes in the hormones at 32 weeks pregnant make the ligaments and joints which are connected to the pelvic bone become softer. This may make you suffer pain when walking, standing or sitting. You may also have some difficulty in getting out of the bath tub, lifting things or rolling over in your bed.

At the 32 weeks pregnant stage it is important to start thinking about the upcoming birth of your baby. Childbirth is an incredibly special experience and it is up to you who you have with you during labor. This decision is entirely up to you and there is no right or wrong answer. Many women prefer their partner with them only and the medical staff. Many men find their role in childbirth slightly confusing so it is best to let them know of any decisions you may have about asking other members of families to the birth. If you feel pressurized from extended members of both families, ask the medical staff for help. They will support your decision and keep any family members out.

This is the time to enlist the help of family and friends who will be delighted to offer support after the birth of the baby. Start your preparation now. Keep a list of the names and telephone numbers of the people who have offered support to you and the baby when you arrive home. You could also pick one friend to set up a timetable for your other friends who all want to help. They can all pick a date to come round with a meal, take the dog walking or other chores. If you have other children make sure the alternative arrangements for the school run and after school activities are in place.


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