What is the maximum number of carbs per day to lose weight?

November 12, 2012

What is the maximum number of carbs per day to lose weight?

The recommended number of carbs per day to lose weight can range quite significantly depending on whether you are male or female and the kind of exercise you are doing. 20-50 grams are typically thought of as the ideal number of carbs per day to lose weight, although this can increase to as much as 70 grams for anyone training with weights as well as doing cardio exercise. A low carbohydrate intake is usually considered between 20-60 grams per day. As each individual has a different metabolism and is carrying out different amount and different kinds of exercise, some experimentation is often required in order to find out what your own body considers to be the best number of carbs per day to lose weight. It also comes down somewhat to how strict and self disciplined you are able to be when it comes to diet.

Enclose fat burning foods to your diet

Refined processed carbohydrates are a big “no-no” and really need to be looked out for and avoided. They are not only a primary source of weight gain but also contribute to the development of many diet related diseases and health problems including obesity, heart disease and insulin resistance. Other than for the very occasional treat, try to replace these kinds of foods with high thermic effect foods, which contain properties that encourage the burning of body fat. There are many kinds of fat burning foods and they should be incorporated into your diet as much as possible.

Stay within your limits

It is important to stay within your limit for the number of carbs per day to lose weight but it is also important that you get any carbs from the best possible sources. Natural sources are the most health beneficial with foods such as non-starchy vegetables and fresh fruits being great options. Although there is no minimum daily requirement for carbohydrates, they do contain fibre and photo-chemicals, which are both good for the body. Therefore it is important to get some just make sure not to exceed your individual maximum number of carbs per day to lose weight.


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