Warning Signs Relating To Your Gall Bladder

November 12, 2012

Warning Signs Relating To Your Gall Bladder

There are many disorders connected to toxic elements appearing in the population which are not reported as they show as common illnesses and little effort is put into finding a cause.

A person may be affected by all sorts of outside toxins, e.g. industrial and household chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals such as arsenic, lead and mercury and the effect of the build up over a period of time and can play a factor in deteriorating illnesses. The toxins may be inhaled, ingested or absorbed via the skin.

Some studies carried out link the effect of these poisons to certain musculoskeletal illness such as chronic fatigue, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, diabetes, fibromyalgia and others.

Diet plays a major part as eating too much food which has refined carbohydrates, sugar and excess protein, food additives, junk food leads to deposits of cholesterol forming which eventually can crystallize to develop into gallstones.

Gallstones begin to develop in the liver. The waste which remains in the body has built up over many years to develop fatty cholesterol deposits and precipitated toxic gallstones, as 75% of detoxification happens in the liver and the other 25% happens in the GI tract.

Gallstones can be present and you may not be aware of it, you may not show any signs of problems with the liver or gallbladder which is associated with obstruction in these organs.

Calcified gallstones which are high in calcium are detected by ultrasound. Calcium is a mineral which the body uses to isolate and precipitate poisons which may harm the body. Cholesterol gallstones have cholesterol deposits in fluid and crystallized forms and these represent 80% of all gallstone problems. These are very difficult to detect by a normal ultrasound test as they look like bile. It is only when the deposits get larger it shows as a fatty liver.

The signs and other associated indicators of galls bladder problems only show when there is a substantial obstruction in your liver.

Suffering from chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, acne is not usually associated with the function of the liver as it appears to have no connection. This can mean silent gallstones and liver obstruction which are not noticed and no connection is made until the gall bladder indications show, e.g. discomfort in the intestines or a gallbladder attack. Medication or gallbladder surgery is often the only answer offered, very rarely is another solution or treatment available.

Major indications of gall bladder trouble are experiencing a dull ache on the right hand side, diarrhea, migraines, headaches and disorders of the digestive system. Other signs are extreme weight gain or loss. Wounds or cuts may take longer to stop the bleeding. Fainting and dizzy spells, eyes and skin can appear to have a yellow tinge, skin under the eyes can appear darker and loss of hair is also another sign there may be problems with the gall bladder.

The digestive system may react by experiencing clay colored stools, feeling nauseous and vomiting, flatulence, hemorrhoids, low appetite and high cholesterol.

The physical changes which may be experienced are suffering with teeth and gum problems, extremely greasy hair, muscle tone loss, encountering trouble with vision, hot and cold flushes, morbid skin tone, skin complaints and puffiness around the eyes. Experiencing excessive perspiration and heat in the upper part of the body, having a white or yellow tongue which appears glossy and liver spots particularly on the facial area and back of hands may be signs of problems with the gall bladder.

Muscles and joints can be affected such as problems with the knee joint, stiffness in the neck, joints and muscles, coldness in the extreme parts of the body. Also suffering pain at the shoulder, between the shoulder blades and back and frozen shoulder, disease of the joints, sciatica, leg paralysis and numbness are indications there may be something wrong.

Suffering from depression, insomnia, nightmares and displaying an angry personality can be attributes related to emotional symptoms.

Encountering breathing problems and being susceptible to urinary and sexual problems along with imbalance of the hormones, menstrual and menopausal complaints are also an indication of gall bladder trouble.

Serious disorders relating to excessive gallstone formation may lead to obesity, cancer, pancreatitis, osteoporosis, liver cirrhosis, scoliosis, rout, asthma, heart disease, brain disorders, duodenal ulcers, chronic fatigue, kidney disease, MS and FMS, Alzheimer’s disease, impotence, prostate diseases, hepatitis.

To reduce the risk of gall bladder symptoms and formation of gallstones try not to eat too much food first thing in the morning or later in the evening. Keep the portions small and try not to skip meals. Drink lots of water. Do not take too much protein, fluoride, chlorine, monosodium glutamate. Avoid over use of dairy foods. Reduce alcohol intake and processed foods which contain hydrogenated oils, along with carbohydrates which are refined and sugars. Learn all about the food you eat and what it all contains. Reducing or leaving out these food types will help to prevent gallstones forming and experiencing gallstone symptoms. If your lifestyle and eating habits have consisted of eating and drinking any of the above mentioned, you probably have a build up of poisons and toxins in the intestinal tract and the liver and removing the gallbladder will not stop the poisons mounting up and causing damage to your body over a period of time.

Participation of continuing and regular detox (detoxification) of the eliminating organs which include gallbladder and liver helps to cleanse poisonous gallstones and any accumulation of any fatty build ups from the liver, gallbladder and other detoxification pathways.

An alternative to consider as an option of removing toxins and gallstone deposits which are crystallized is Pulverex Protocol™. This is a program that dissolves both types of gallstones, cholesterol and calcified. It is also useful in cleansing any accumulation of sludge which may have gathered in the gallbladder.


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