Vegetables Make the Sandwich

April 5, 2013

tofu sandwich with carrots and kimchi.

Sandwiches are often about the meat or the cheese between two slices of bread, but with a simple shift of focus, a sandwich can be a healthful showcase for vegetables, as Martha Rose Shulman writes in this week’s Recipes for Health:

Sandwiches of all kinds are perfect vehicles for vegetables, and I am always perplexed when I stand at a refrigerator case in an airport looking at the selection of sandwiches and see little more than a thin slice of tomato or lettuce here and there amid layers of cheese, tuna or chicken salad, roast beef and sandwich meats. Vegetables can take the place of those salty sandwich meats and cheeses. They also provide one way to reduce sodium in a sandwich, which is more effective than trying to reduce sodium in breads, which require salt for all sorts of reasons, palatability being just one of them.

Here are a few recipes for vegetable-based sandwich fillings to have on hand, and ideas for delicious sandwiches you can build with them.

Tomato, Kale, Mozzarella and Pesto Sandwich: You can use a country whole wheat bread for this sandwich, but what I really like to use is focaccia.

Two Tofu Sandwiches: A vegetable sandwich with or without kimchi.

Mushroom Melt With Parsley Pesto, Kale and Arugula: A vegetarian sandwich that is light on the melt and generous with the greens.

Creamy Goat Cheese and Cucumber Sandwich: A creamy goat cheese and cottage cheese blend provides satisfying and comforting flavor.

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