Today’s Early Abortion Options

November 12, 2012

Today’s Early Abortion Options

Most women who decide to terminate a pregnancy will experience feelings of anxiety. But having knowledge of the procedures which are available when an early abortion is carried out should ahelp to ease the worry.

A procedure called vacuum aspiration is an uncomplicated and safe procedure which can be offered to women looking for an early abortion. If possible it is best to find a clinic which is run by women and offers a supportive environment. Also find out if they practice the following methods of abortion: vacuum aspiration and manual vacuum aspiration, also known as MVA.

A vacuum aspiration abortion is used in clinics and is considered to cause less distress and is safe. This procedure involves an anesthetic injection to the cervix and a small plastic sterile tube called a cannula is placed through it. The pregnancy is terminated by suction from the aspiration equipment. The suction element of this process takes approximately three minutes. An early abortion where a local anesthetic is used compared to a general anesthetic has less risk associated with it. This is because a general anesthetic slows down the respiratory and circulatory systems temporarily. Women are monitored after a general anesthetic and the recovery period will take longer.

A dilation and curettage procedure used to be performed in early abortions in the past. Experienced medical staff would no longer offer this procedure when performing an abortion early. It is considered to be an unpleasant experience for many women. There is a higher risk of pain and the cervix can become ripped if extreme and quick dilation of the cervix is forced. The cervix does not have to be more than 7-8 millimeters dilated for an early abortion.

The manual vacuum aspiration procedure is carried out in a similar way to the vacuum aspiration. The difference is, instead of using the aspiration machine a hand held syringe is used. This means women do not have to hear the sound of the aspiration machine. Many women have reported this as distressing. By using the manual vacuum aspiration in an early abortion less discomfort is experienced by women. It takes a couple of minutes to remove the contents of the uterus.

Women who are in the first trimester of their pregnancy can pick the manual vacuum aspiration procedure or RU486 which is commonly known as the abortion pill. The medication RU486 abortion pill is not the same as emergency contraception such as the morning after pill.

If you choose the option of the abortion pill if you are looking for an early abortion, two visits to the clinic are required. Two weeks after taking this medication a follow up appointment at the clinic or hospital is necessary.

Once a clinic has been found which offers a woman a safe and secure environment to carry out an early abortion, this is the time to discuss all the options which are available.

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