Tips for getting pregnant

November 12, 2012

Tips for getting pregnant

The most obvious of the tips for getting pregnant and action you need to take first in order to pregnant is stop taking the contraceptive pill. It can take your body up to a few months for the menstrual cycle to become regular but for many women it will only around 1 month from stopping taking the pill for their bodies to become fertile again. This is true also for the contraceptive patch, injection and ring.

Folic acid is A vitamin, which can dramatically reduce the risk of birth defects associated with the brain and spinal cord. The FDA says that one of the most important tips for getting pregnant is that all women begin taking folic acid supplements and continue to do so after conception and throughout pregnancy.

Another of the tips for getting pregnant is to stop drinking, smoking and taking drugs before during and immediately after pregnancy. These things can make it harder to get pregnant and can also lead to birth defects, miscarriages or premature birth. Studies have shown that smoking affects the fertility of the woman and lowers sperm count in men. Even second hand smoke can lower chances of getting pregnant. Caffeine is also a drug and so should also be avoided or at least drank in moderation as high amounts of caffeine in the system affects the body’s ability to absorb iron. Iron is essential during pregnancy and an iron deficiency can lead to a stillbirth. Avoid caffeinated drinks such as cola, tea and coffee or switch to decaf if you cant cut them out all together. Drinking milkshakes is much preferable as they are caffeine free and the additional calcium can also aid in conception.

Women of a healthy weight are more likely to get pregnant than those who are over-weight or under-weight. Therefore another of the top tips for getting pregnant is to get yourself into shape. Don’t forget that you are most fertile at certain times of the month. Work out when you are ovulating with an ovulation calendar or test and take advantage of your high fertility levels at this time. It has also been suggested that women suffering from depression are more likely to have fertility problems that those who are not. Control your stress levels with techniques such as yoga or meditation and try to stay positive.

Many experts say that the sperm is more likely to fertilize the egg is the woman is highly aroused. With this in mind, one of the tips for getting pregnant is to keep sex sexy. Don’t let it become a chore that you are doing purely to try to get pregnant. Buy some new sexy underwear and keep it exciting to give both you and your partner’s libido a boost. Experts also believe that the missionary position is one of the best in terms of getting a woman pregnant. This is because when the man is one top, the deepest penetration is achievable, which means the sperm is deposited as close to the cervix as possible. You can also try raising your hips with a pillow during sex and for about 15 minutes afterwards. Positions to avoid include the woman on top or standing up, as gravity will make it harder for the semen to reach the egg. Keep the vagina sperm friendly by avoiding use of lubricants, sprays or scented tampons, which can reduce the quality of the cervical mucus. Advise your partner to opt for boxers rather than briefs for healthier sperm and have sex in the morning to take advantage of his high sperm count at this time of day.

It is very unlikely that you will get pregnant from the first try or even in the first month. Stay positive and if you don’t conceive after 12 months make an appointment with your doctor who can check that everything is working properly. Infertility issues become more common the older you get and if you are trying to conceive after the age of 40 you may want to get medical assistance sooner.


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