The Medicinal Benefits of Avena Sativa

November 12, 2012

The Medicinal Benefits of Avena Sativa

The oatmeal you eat in the morning is more than just breakfast, it has health benefits.

The oatmeal you have for breakfast is known as Avena sativa also known as oat straw. This healthy breakfast food has been purported to increase libido, calm the brain, heal skin irritations, and help build strong bones. For hundreds of years traditional practices have used Avena sativa for just those purposes. More recently, there have been scientific studies that are demonstrating this may just be the case. Nevertheless, studies are incomplete so you need to decide for yourself. Clearly, it is known that eating oatmeal everyday will lower your cholesterol intake due to is fiber and a number of doctors who have patients at risk of high cholesterol have their patients eat a bowl everyday.

Libido and Oatmeal

Wild oats, Avena sativa, have always been purported to boost sex drive. According to nutritional consultants, oats are supposed to enhance both male and female libido. Not only does it enhance libido but helps you to last longer and have more pleasure. First of all, oats have complex carbohydrates that can boost your energy levels. There is a molecular component in Avena sativa that increases the release of testosterone into the blood. Testosterone is definitely linked to increased libido. However, there is another component known as L-arginine that has been reported to elevate erectile function in males. L-arginine actually increases the level of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide causes blood vessels to dilate, fill with blood hence a better erection.

Oatmeal Calms the Nervous System

Oatmeal or Avena sativa has been known to have a calming effect on the brain by reducing anxious feelings. Avena sativa contains GABA. GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) is an amino acid that is an inhibitory neurotransmitter that keeps your brain from getting over excited. Who new!

Take Oatmeal to Your Bath

Colloidal oatmeal has been used for skin irritations. Just fill up your tub and pour some oatmeal in. Avena sativa has anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties. This is great for eczema, general dermatitis, psoriasis or even bug bites. The molecule responsible for this is avenanthramides. Avenanthramide inhibits the release of proflammatory messengers and histamine. This is good to know. It is far better to use oatmeal than corticosteroids.

Oatmeal and Your Bones

Avena sativa happens to be high in calcium. Calcium is an important mineral in building strong bones. Bone tissue is a living tissue that is constantly building and breaking down. We can’t make calcium so you must get it from your diet. Avena sativa is a great way to do that.

As further research is conducted, more will be known about all the molecular components of oatmeal. Until then, keep on eating oatmeal for breakfast or for that matter any time of the day.


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