The Effect of Medication on Erectile Dysfunction

November 12, 2012

The Effect of Medication on Erectile Dysfunction

Men who suffer from Erectile Dysfunction could be affected by the amount of prescription and over-the-counter drugs they take on a daily basis.

A Recent Study

The study carried out on more than 37,000 men between the ages of 46 and 69. They were asked to give details of their daily medication, including prescription and over the counter products. They were also asked how frequently they managed to obtain and maintain an erection good enough to participate in sexual activity. The researchers took into account other factors, such as their age, body mass and whether they were smokers or sufferers of diabetes, which are all factors that can influence Erectile Dysfunction.


It was shown that men taking 10 or more medications, about 25% of the men in the study, were 1.6 times more likely to suffer from Erectile Dysfunction and in fact 30% of the men in the study suffered from severe Erectile Dysfunction. Of the men taking only 2 medications or less only 6.9 had severe Erectile Dysfunction.

Some of the medications being taken were:

  • Beta Blockers

  • Anti-Depressants

  • Thiazides


Researchers don’t yet know how multiple medications affect Erectile Dysfunction, but it is thought that the cause is likely to be the reactions between them. If every pill has a small effect on Erectile Dysfunction and a patient is taking 10 different pills, then that could mean a greater effect is produced by the pill combinations. Obviously other factors should be taken into consideration when treating Erectile Dysfunction. However, it is certainly thought that multiple medications play a part.

Medications that could cause erectile dysfunction

  • Diuretics

  • Antidepressants

  • Antihistamines

  • Anti-inflammatory drugs (non steroid)

  • Medication for Prostate cancer

  • Muscle relaxants

  • Medication for Parkinson¬ís disease

  • Medication for Heat Arrhythmia

Alternative Treatments

  • Relaxation techniques

  • Yoga

  • Healthy eating

  • Less stress

  • Exercise

  • More sleep

  • Less alcohol

  • No smoking

  • No recreational drugs

Researchers confirmed that doctors would do better looking for an alternative to prescription drugs. Lifestyle changes which encompass better diet and exercise obviously ease stress and anxiety which might exacerbate the condition. Although not everyone can be treated without drugs, many men do not realise that small changes such as those above, can have an enormous effect and this might just be better than a huge cocktail of what may be unnecessary drugs.


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