The Best Ways For You to Control the Gender of your Baby

November 12, 2012

The Best Ways For You to Control the Gender of your Baby

People have always wanted to know how to manipulate the chance of their unborn child having the gender the parents hope for. Sometimes it’s just because every child before has been the same sex, perhaps mum and dad really want a daughter to compliment the six sons or perhaps for more sinister reasons such as some cultures value one sex more than the other. The parents see the child as either a financial burden or the key to a relatively wealthy retirement depending on the sex of the child. Below is our list of the 8 best ways for you to control the gender of your baby. Diet Men should maintain healthy eating to ensure that their sperm remains healthy too. But it appears that the sex of the baby is more affected by the mother’s diet. Research suggests that the PH level around the reproductive areas of the mother has an influence on whether the child is female or male. If the area is acidic then the likelihood is that a girl will be born. This is because X chromosomes prefer an acidic setting whereas Y chromosomes prefer an alkaline setting. Foods which are acidic include fish and vegetables. So if you want a baby girl then mother should eat lots of these foods. Women who want a boy should eat lots of protein such as eggs and meat. But don’t overdo your eating if you want a girl because recent research has seen that eating more foods producing a higher energy intake whenever mum falls pregnant increases the chances of baby being a boy.

Being Adventurous in Bed It is believed that some sexual positions increase the chance of having one sex over the other. Trying the different positions may be enjoyable but there is some science behind the reasoning. It is known that X sperm and Y sperm have differing characteristics. The strongest and longest living sperm are the X sperm, however they are slower than the Y sperm. This means that sexual positions with deeper penetration, which delivers the sperm closer to the eggs suits the X sperm, which will lead to a male baby. However positions with less penetration deliver the sperm further away from the cervix allowing the faster swimming Y sperm to overtake their rivals to the egg and hence fertilize the egg with sperm which will lead to a baby girl. Come Again! Males are more likely to be conceived if the environment is alkaline. Whenever a woman has an orgasm she secretes a substance which is alkaline so the more orgasms a woman can have during intercourse then the higher the likelihood of a baby boy being the outcome. The ‘male’ sperm also get another ‘leg up’ because the contractions which accompany orgasm also helps them overtake their female counterparts.

Timing is Everything If you want a boy then try to have sex close to your period. Ovulation appears to favor the Y sperm which means that the possibility of the baby being a boy increases. This is because the moisture in the vaginal area is less acidic around the time of the period. Experts say that 24 hours before the period and up to 12 hours after the period suits those who want a son, outside these times the likelihood will be for a girl. Ericsson Albumin Method This method takes the sperm from the man and stores it until the day that the woman is expected to ovulate. If the couple wants a boy then the sperm is inseminated by a routine IUI (intra-uterine insemination) or ICI (intra-cervical insemination). If a girl is hoped for then the mother is given clomiphene citrate, a drug with the brand name Clomid. Experts are sceptical about this method and say that results do not indicate any difference to normal chances of having one sex over the other. Go Herbal An alternative option has been advocated on the Web. Lydia Pinkham’s Herbal Compounds is developed from a patent medicinal tonic used by Victorian women to deal with ‘ladies problems’. It is said that estrogen levels can be balanced because of the ingredients of this potion. Some people believe that estrogen levels can influence the likelihood of having a certain sex. If a woman has more estrogen than progesterone then it’s more probable that she will have a boy. Less estrogen favors a girl being born. Research has still been unable to confirm or deny these views.

The Moon has the Answer

Some researchers have investigated old biblical sayings referring to when a female is at her most fertile. They have then studied old charts, astrological information and investigated thousands of pregnant females. The result is that it was found that women are at their most fertile in the same phase of the moon as they were born.

Eastern cultures also identify this apparently. It seems that Yin and Yang can be used to produce a sex of your choosing. Just conceive during the Yin phase of the moon and a baby girl will be born, if you conceive in the Yang phase then the child will be a boy.

Genetic Engineering

With the advances in medical technology it is now possible to select the sex of your child with almost 100% accuracy. The procedure is known as Preimplantation Genetic Haplotyping (PGH) and it takes the father’s sperm and fertilizes eggs outside the mother. The fertilized eggs are investigated and an egg of the ‘correct’ sex is selected and re implanted into the woman.

The procedure is very accurate but also very expensive and controversial. Some people believe that disposing of the other fertilized cells is the same as abortion. And because of the potential for misuse the procedure has been outlawed in most countries.

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