The best 9 tips to finally quit smoking

November 12, 2012

The best 9 tips to finally quit smoking

You Want To Quit Smoking – Here is Some Great Advice From Ex Smokers

Good ideas from those who have been there and done that, and succeeded.

“If it’s cancer that you’re after, then ciggies are the answer”, so go the words of the old song. That’s not quite true; research has shown that cigarette smoking is ‘only’ directly responsible for about a third of all cancers.

Yet if you started smoking with three friends when you were in your teens at least one of you will be dead before you pick up your pension. And the others shouldn’t look too far ahead either because the risks of heart disease, cancers and other ailments such as respiratory diseases are much higher for you than that of non smokers. Smoking kills almost half a million Americans each year.

All of this is without addressing the social issues of secondhand smoke, increasing the risk of many diseases to your loved ones around you and just plain old smelling. Add to this the financial cost and it just doesn’t add up.

It is time to stop smoking and many people before have tried and succeeded, so what was their secret. Well here are a few good tips from ex smokers. They all said that it’s tough and you have to be steadfast and determined but the benefits make it all worthwhile.

Some great advice to help you comes from these ex smokers’ comments and suggestions.

Go ‘cold turkey’ is one suggestion. You’ve got to kick a habit, so just do it. However, if chewing gum or eating sticks of celery gives you the edge, then that’s fine too. You can live with these habits.

Some smokers say that they just knew that this was the time to do it. The motivation was there. The reason for the motivation could be as diverse as a family member being ill with a smoking related disease to watching a television program which just hits home. In one case an ex smoker watched a program about a young mother who was dying from cancer and had yet to tell her children of the situation. The smoker had children too and it was the thought of having to break that sort of news to them that gave her the drive to stop.

Another ex smoker took the very straight and simple approach of always doing something else when the urge to smoke came on. His activity of choice was exercise. Now he is a confirmed ex smoker who loves doing exercise of all types. Along this line another ex smoker realized that she had to keep her hands occupied. Her secret was to take up crochet.

Some people swear by jotting down a list of reasons to stop smoking. Just by keeping it handy means that you can read it when you are wilting under the pressure of wanting a cigarette. It takes time to read and you can add to it as you go and then write down things that you have found to replace the urge.

Other ideas which have been found to be successful for different people include sucking on strong cough drops, the taste seems to help. Sucking on pens or pencils to mimic the smoking behavior also seems to have appositive affect. And some people just have a mercenary streak, they only think of what they are going to do with the money they are going to save by not smoking. Every one of these ideas has worked for someone so if your first strategy is not too successful try another one or choose the best bits for yourself from a few of them.

Another person carried a card in the pocket where his cigarettes would normally be. The card just said “The urge for a cigarette will pass in 10 minutes, whether you have one or not.” And the ex smoker reported that was true, after 10 minutes the urge did drop and this method worked for him.

Many people find that stopping smoking must be a personal thing but many others join a support group and find that works better. There is a lot of knowledge and help to be had from professional people out there that are ready and willing to assist and support in a variety of fashions. Yet some people trying to stop go to support groups not for the professional help, it’s just to be amongst people who understand and are going through the same experiences and talk about it. And this can be a successful strategy too.

Others take a rational point of view. They just stop and think, “Why do I want to inhale all of these poisons into my body, and pay for it financially and with my future?” and with some people this is all that is needed. Whenever they have the urge they just keep thinking about that point until the urge goes away. Some of these people have identified that they were smoking without thinking about it. By having this message, or one like it, in their head meant that every time an urge came on, they did think about it and were able to do the right thing.

Many people just know that it is time to give up. Their bodies are rebelling against being poisoned day in, day out. Symptoms like palpitations, breathing difficulties, and back or chest pains are all common. They just know that now is the time. Some people found that changing their routing helped. They avoided all of the social situations where smoking was a big part of it. So nights out were curtailed, meal breaks at work became shorter. They allowed themselves just enough time to eat their meal and then returned to work. The social chit chat with a cigarette was avoided. After a quite short period of time the new routine became normal and the urges receded. This built up the momentum for the people trying to stop and gave them an incentive to continue.

Sometimes it’s something that many people will not understand that gives you the incentive to stop. One lady reported that she was at a children’s birthday party which her child had been invited to. When it came to singing “Happy Birthday” and presenting the cake she noticed that her friend, the child’s mother had missed it because she was outside smoking. This caused her to realize that smoking was controlling this other lady’s life and when she thought of herself she accepted that she was in the same situation. As with many other situations she just knew that it was time to quit.

All of the ex smokers admit to needing a lot of willpower to be successful in quitting smoking. However they stress that if you want to do it strongly enough then the willpower comes and then you can be successful in your quest to join the ranks of the non smokers.


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