Teenage Smokers

November 12, 2012

Teenage Smokers

Everyone knows that if you smoke it can damage your health. But how many people know that if you started smoking in your teens you have a 50% chance of dying early. You want some more facts and figures then read on.

Let’s start with the financial cost first, it’s much easier to calculate. We will assume that the smoker is a standard 20 a day sort of person, 20 cigarettes are f5 and the smoker started at 16 years old and they are now 56. So that’s a not inconsiderable f73,000 at today’s prices.

If you are now 20 years old perhaps the only tell tale signs will be the small wrinkles around your mouth, you might notice your fitness level dropping a little and sex might not be as wonderful as expected. Smoking reduces a woman’s sensitivity in those areas. In male smokers erections can be affected too. Of course you might smell a bit more and be wondering where your money is going.

At age 30 you’re well and truly hooked. When you first started all those years ago you didn’t think it would be you that would become addicted. The wrinkles are becoming more prominent, as is the greyness and your skin is aging prematurely because it has had oxygen starvation for a long time now. Stained teeth and that smell just adds to your appeal and we can blame the smoking for your cellulite too.

Now that you are reaching the time to consider children you will have to try harder to conceive owing to your reduced fertility. And once you do fall pregnant make sure that you are aware that the increased chances of miscarriage, cervical cancer and complications during pregnancy and delivery can be attributed to your smoking habit. Babies of smokers have three times more chance of cot death, statistics show.

So now you are over 40 years old you have been told that smokers who are fifty years old are 20 times more likely to die of lung cancer than non smokers, and 25% of people who started smoking in their teens will not survive middle age and half of them will die because of their smoking.

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