Sources of foot pain

November 12, 2012

Sources of foot pain

Four in five adults experience some foot pain at one time in their life and given how we tend to mistreat them its not surprising.

Our feet are one of the most overworked parts of our bodies, taking on average 1000 pounds of force on a daily basis. The foot contains 26 bones, 19 muscles, 33 joints and over 100 ligaments making them quite an amazing part of the body. Improper fitting shoes are to blame for many of people’s foot pain as are walking on hard surfaces and generally neglecting to take care of them. Overworking the muscles in our lower legs can also lead to foot pain as standing n one place for a long period of time as well as walking around a lot is to blame for this. Some of the most common conditions that lead to foot pain include:

Heel Spurs

This kind of foot pain comes from an abnormal growth of bone on the heel. Although the growth itself is not painful it can cause inflammation of the surrounding nerves or ligaments.


This term refers to the inflammation of the tendons in the feet, which is often experienced by athletes who put persistent strain on the area.

Stress fracture

This is a fracture or small break in the bone that is caused by constant pressure to the bone. This type of foot pain is also most common in athletes.

Black toenail

This is a bruise under the nail, which is normally caused by shoes that do not fit properly. To avoid this problem cut toe nails short and wear comfortable shoes that don’t rub against the toes.


This is another type of foot pain that is normally caused by ill-fitting shoes. In this condition the big toe joint becomes misaligned, bending outwards causing inflammation, swelling and pain.


This condition normally affects the second toe and often accompanies a bunion. The toe becomes bent upwards resembling a claw shape.

Ingrown toenail

Often caused either by bad shoes or badly cut toenails an in grown toenail can be very painful and is when the side of a nail cuts into the skin. In some cases it will have to be removed by a podiatrist.


This is the name given for the condition whereby a nerve in between the third and fourth toes become pinched. As with all nerve injuries this kind of foot pain can be very bad and once again is most often caused by poorly fitting shoes.

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