So you’re 17 Weeks Pregnant, What Now

November 12, 2012

So you

Well, your fetus is growing and around 5.1 inches in length at this time and weights about 5 ounces (141.7gm) at 17 weeks pregnant. Your fetus is now about the size of a good size grapefruit and going strong. The fetus is well formed at this point and moving around quite a bit. You may be able to sense some movement in the uterus as the fetus stretches and twists. First time mothers may not be aware of this but if you’ve been pregnant before you know the tell tale signs as you have experienced them before.

At this time, the fetus is fully hydrated and some cartilage that makes up your baby’s bones is beginning to lay down bone although very little at this time. The fetus should begin storing fat at this time that will be used after birth to sustain energy requirements. The heart is well developed and beginning to beat very strongly and in fact should be able to be picked up on an ultrasound scan and keep in mind that the heart beat is twice what an adults is. The fetus can be observed to open and close their mouths and yawn during a scan which is very exciting to see. Although the fetus cannot breath air but is taking oxygen from mother’s blood, the fetus will practice breathing exercises as development continues and will increase in frequency as time goes on. At 17 weeks pregnant the fetus has well developed ears and can hear all kinds of sounds. Loud noises coming from outside the uterus can be heard and don’t be surprised if your new bundle of you to come kicks and jumps at certain sounds. Certain types of music particularly if loud may elicit all kinds of movements from the fetus as well as the garbage disposal or vacuum cleaner. No doubt the fetus finds this annoying. After all, peace and quiet is probably appreciated. It is at this time you need to consider talking to the fetus so it gets to become familiar with your voice. It is this voice that the fetus will respond to and bond to when it is born. Make sure to talk to your fetus as often as you can in a pleasant voice to make it well adjusted and comfortable.

Beyond talking to the your fetus, it is important to touch. Many doctors believe in touch to ensure your little one’s sense of safety and warmth. It is often suggested to take your hands and rub your belly in a circular motion to begin a bonding process and generate a sense of well being. This should continue throughout your pregnancy at this point. And, don’t forget to play some soothing music or even sing lullabies at this time to further create an air of comfort. Actually, this should continue in the newborn and not a bad idea to play the same music and sing the same lullabies at that time.

As your fetus is growing and making changes to their body, your body is changing as well. At 17 weeks pregnant, you have probably gained quite a bit of weight. Your uterus is be coming stretched and your abdomen is expanding. As your are in your second trimester, your fetus is taking up so much room that your internal organs are beginning to rearrange themselves. At this point your intestines are being pushed upward so you may experience gastrointestinal issues.

At 17 weeks pregnant, you should begin to feel more energy in your system and this is a time to recoup from the first trimester discomforts. Now you can do things you couldn’t before. However, your weight will begin to shift causing a sense of imbalance on your feet. Make sure to wear comfortable flat shoes with a good arch support to create a good balance and you should be fine.

Heartburn and indigestion as well as swelling in your ankles and feet are normal for 17 weeks pregnant and well into the second trimester. You may even experience Braxton Hicks contractions at 17 weeks pregnant which are false contractions and generally painless. This is perfectly normal and not to worry. It’s a normal part of pregnancy. This is one of the most joyous times of pregnancy, so enjoy it while you can.


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