Simvastatin Side Effects can Damage Muscles

November 12, 2012

Simvastatin Side Effects can Damage Muscles

Simvastatin side effects can occur if high doses of simvastatin are taken which raises the risk of damage to the muscle resulting from muscle disease known as myopathy. This causes the muscle fibers to not function as they should and indications of this condition are general weakness, muscle cramps, tenderness and spasms.

One of the more serious simvastatin side effects is the risk of rhabdomyolysis developing which causes the muscle proteins to be released straight into the blood. Kidney damage can occur and if this is not treated leads to lethal kidney failure. The main cause of this is due to mixing simvastatin with other medicatiohaydomyns which can produce a higher absorption or conflict of simvastatin in the blood. Indications of this are stiffness, muscle pains, weakness or urine with a dark colored appearance.

Other simvastatin side effects which may develop are the start of cholestatic hepatitis. This is a block of the bile secretion which makes the bile re-enter the blood and indications of this are jaundice and itchiness of the skin. This condition may lead to hepatic necrosis developing which is cirrhosis of the liver. The liver cells degenerate and are replaced by scar tissue. This leads to the development of serious liver damage which can be fatal, and symptoms of this include itching, jaundice, bruising easily, appetite loss and fatigue.

Frequent simvastatin side effects which have been reported are not always linked to more serious problems. These consist of experiencing a little memory loss, headaches, stomach pain, constipation, nausea, joint pain and diarrhea. As always if you are suffering from these conditions it is best to seek advice from your doctor.

Regardless of the wide ranging simvastatin side effects noted, seldom does serious harm occur. Avoid mixing with other prescribed medications or over the counter drugs. Always consult with your doctor before taking any other medication as they can decide whether it is safe and appropriate. Other medicines which lower cholesterol, antifungal medicines and anticoagulants sometimes can cause concern, so again contact your doctor and they can make observations should interactions occur.

It is essential when taking simvastatin to ensure you have liver check-ups on a regular basis. As there are various liver problems which could occur and the seriousness associated with them, it is very important to check for any changes in the liver.

If you are considering taking this medication ensure that you are aware of simvastatin side effects. This is a drug used to reduce levels of cholesterol and is a member of the statin family. Children who are prescribed this drug suffer from a condition called heterozygous hypercholesterolemia whereby the body is not able to remove cholesterol as it should. Simvastatin works by reducing cholesterol and is used in the treatment of blood vessels and heart problems which may reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks. The prescribed dose ranges from 5mg to 80mg.

Simvastatin side effects vary and each one has its own symptoms and indications.

A number of problems have been linked to Asians taking simvastatin along with diabetes sufferers, thyroid disorders, people over the age of 65 and also if you drink alcohol on a regular basis. Simvastatin should be avoided if pregnant as it can damage the fetus and mothers who breast feed should not take this medication.

Should you develop any of these simvastatin side effects mentioned contact your doctor immediately and if a patient is in an unconscious state, seek emergency treatment.


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