Side Effects seen from using Serious Mass Supplements

November 12, 2012

Side Effects seen from using Serious Mass Supplements

If you are a bodybuilder or weight lifter then you will already be aware of optimum nutrition serious mass, it’s a supplement which is high in protein, used with the aim of increasing lean muscle mass and weight. However it has been found that optimum nutrition serious mass can produce unwanted and unpleasant side effects. Whilst it can help with building muscle mass if taken whilst on a workout program athletes should be aware of the possibility of negative aspects caused by this supplement. Every serving of the optimum nutrition serious mass provides 50g of protein and 250g of carbohydrates. If you are considering using this or any other supplement then talk with your health care professional first.

The way that optimum nutrition serious mass works is by giving the body lots more calories. Each serving contains over 60% of the recommended average daily amount of calories for a man. That’s 1,250 calories, the recommended daily intake for a male is about 2,000 calories. This means that assuming that your eating remained constant then you would add about one pound of body weight in 3 days by taking this supplement. Athletes use this added calorific input to keep working out so that the energy is burned off with exercise which at the same time builds muscles.

The mathematics of the supplement is that one pound of fat is equivalent to 3,500 calories so one serving is equal to about a third of a pound. This added ability to workout allows muscle building to be carried out more successfully.

Side Effects

Although the theory behind the optimum nutrition serious mass is good there have been some serious side effects noted. The supplement contains high amounts of vitamins and ingredients that we normally take into our bodies in small amounts. For example one serving contains the recommended daily intake of vitamin A. This means that to stay within recommended limits you would have to exclude carrots, kale and spinach amongst many other foods that are good for you from your diet. Protein in a serving is also equivalent to a full day’s recommended amount. Vitamin A overdose and an excess of protein are both known to cause problems with the liver.

Optimum nutrition serious mass also contains ingredients known to harm the kidneys if taken in excess. Creatine is in the supplement because of its powers to build muscle and strength. However researchers from the University of Maryland Medical Center say that creatine can cause kidney damage.

Other research has found that if the body has high levels of vitamin C and E then the body’s efficiency in insulin usage is lowered. This in turn means that the risk of fat gain is increased. Every serving of the supplement has the daily recommended amount of both vitamin C and E, meaning that the body’s ability to turn fat into muscle is reduced leading to an impaired workout.


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