Sickness, Injury and Endurance

November 12, 2012

Sickness, Injury and Endurance

We go about our daily business and everything is sweetness and honey and then life is turned upside down. We have fallen ill or became injured but our body is resilient and the way it responds to these challenges are seen below.

Most people are aware that we need water before we need food but how many know that we need sleep before we need food too. It’s a fact that we can survive longer without food than without sleep. Surviving a month without food would be possible for most of us as long as we had enough water to drink. But remember how bad you felt after one night’s sleep deprivation due to all night partying or sick children, multiply that feeling many fold and you have an idea of how the body reacts to lack of sleep.

The longest recorded time for a person to stay awake is eleven days. However serious psychological and personality issues develop long before then, sometimes as short a time as two or three nights without sleep. At the end of the experiment to stay awake for eleven days the guinea pig was confused, stumbled, could not talk coherently and forgot what he was doing.

Stress and stressful situations do follow a pattern. Heart attack risk is the greatest on a Monday. Researchers from Scotland carried out a ten year study and identified that on Monday’s 20% more people die of heart attacks then any other day of the week. It was concluded that a mixture of events culminated causing this result. Too much over indulgence on the Saturday and Sunday followed by the downer of going back to work and stressful situations on the Monday.

Stress really is an unseen killer. It is estimated that more than 90% of all conditions are either complicated by stress or caused by it. If you are in a high stress job ensure that you are not being ground down slowly and in many cases invisibly. Stress can lead to many medical conditions and illnesses which are serious or even fatal. Illnesses like depression, high blood pressure and heart disease leading to heart attacks are all common.

If you are one of those lazy sun worshippers who can’t be bothered to keep re-applying the sun screen then you should be aware that sunburn which is relatively severe takes between 4 and 15 months for the skin and damaged blood vessels to repair themselves.

Decapitated heads are believed to have enough blood in and around the brain for the head to remain conscious for between 15 to 20 seconds. To say that they are still alive is questionable but some reports verify that blinking and other indications of thinking still occur. However there are studies which disagree with this assessment too.

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