Sciatica Exercises produce the best long term solution for sciatic nerve pain

November 12, 2012

Sciatica Exercises produce the best long term solution for sciatic nerve pain

Before any sciatica exercises are tried out to help with sciatica or sciatic nerve pain a visit to a doctor or physical therapist is a must. One reason for this precautionary measure is that sciatica is normally caused by another condition. For example degenerative disc disease, herniated disc, spinal stenosis, sacroiliac joint dysfunction as well as piriformis syndrome can all bring on sciatica. And each of these conditions can be improved or worsened depending on the exercise being done. Doctors and physical therapists know which set of exercises have to be followed to improve the condition.

If the sciatica exercises are directed because the patient is suffering from spinal stenosis then the aim of the actions is to expand the passage and clearing it will reduce the pain. This would be done by forward bending and moving the lower spine, all with the aim of stabilizing the spinal column and help the condition to heal. However if the underlying cause is a herniated disc than the sciatica exercises have to avoid worsening the damaged disc and surrounding tissue. Physical therapists know that press ups and extension exercises are good for this condition because they relieve the pain because of the muscle movement into the lumbar area.

Degenerative disc disease requires another set of sciatica exercises because the spinal disc can push on the nerve causing sciatic nerve pain and stabilizing the region is the answer. Here the McKenzie protocol would be the prescribed exercises which work on the lumbar and pelvis areas with the aim of strengthening and stabilizing.

Another of the sciatic exercises include stretching exercises, hamstring and hip extension is the area to be worked on. This is known to be effective for sufferers of Piriformis syndrome who may not be in pain but do have the sensation of numbness and tingling. These exercises are effective because the piriformis muscle is located close to the sciatic nerve and can cause severe pain.

Although these sciatica exercises are all different and each one is designed specifically for one condition they all have to be carried out daily if they are to have any beneficial effect. They are all designed to help with spinal posture and will help with overall health and fitness. Other advice includes not standing or sitting without moving for a long time and always follow a healthy diet and lifestyle.

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