Ringworm – The most effective treatments

November 12, 2012

Ringworm – The most effective treatments

Strangely enough the condition known as ringworm or human ringworm is not caused by a worm at all. It is cause by a fungus and this fungal infection is also known as “Tinea” and the infection can appear on any part of the body. It appears as a reddish raised area of skin and looks like it may have a hole in the middle, hence the name ringworm. There are a few different strains of ringworm and each one may cause slightly different symptoms but most ringworm treatments are effective irrespective of the strain.

The infection has some favourite spots to spread from person to person. Anywhere there is a lot of person to person contact, so schools, health clubs’ changing rooms, swimming areas or nurseries are all common places to pick up the ringworm. The methods of transmission can be human to human, animal to human or just by touching somewhere that has been touched by an infected person earlier, leaving the infection present on that area.

Ringworm treatment is readily available and is generally effective at curing the condition and the diagnosis of this type of infection is easily carried out by the professionals. Symptoms of ringworm can be any or all of the following; red skin which may be scaly, itchy, or raised and there may be blisters which are dry or may weep. The ringworm treatment readily available from your health care professional can deal with all of these symptoms.

There are many anti fungal creams available over the counter and these ringworm treatments can cure the majority of cases, and it is common for these to incorporate a mild antiseptic and some mild steroids to combat the itching. However sometimes it requires a visit to the doctor if the infection is in the scalp or nails. In cases like these the doctor may prescribe oral medication as the ringworm treatment.

If you shop online you will see that there is a growing selection of natural ringworm treatments which say that they can treat skin or scalp ringworm infections. However if you are a man and take these treatments you should not plan to start a family for at least 6 months after you stop taking them. With the natural fungal treatments the whole family can be treated at the one time effectively eradicating the infection from the family in one hit.

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