Omega-3 Fish Oil may Prevent Osteoarthritis

November 12, 2012

Omega-3 Fish Oil may Prevent Osteoarthritis

For those of you who are believers of the power of omega-3 fish oil and its ability to aid in joint health there is a new study just out that provides scientific evidence that it does. An animal study on guinea pigs who have a natural inclination to develop osteoarthritis were fed an omega-3 fish oil rich diet and this reduced osteoarthritis by 50%. This provides hope for humans in terms of developing or preventing osteoarthritis with an omega-3 fish oil diet.

As you are probably aware, those of us in the developed world do not get enough omega-3 fish oil in our diets due to the processed foods we eat and not eating enough oily fishes. In the UK alone, there are 8 million people that are affected by osteoarthritis. This can be a debilitating disease as connective tissue becomes worn away from the ends of long bones which causes the bone during regrowth to thicken and become misaligned. This generates malformed joints which in turn cause stiffness and chronic pain. At this time, there is no cure for this disease. The only thing that can be done is to take pain relievers and if it becomes serious enough you may have to have the joint replaced.

This recent study conducted at the University of Bristol has been able to demonstrate for the first time that omega-3 coming from fish oil or flax seed oil may be able to reduce the signs and symptoms of osteoarthritis. We now have some evidence for the power of omega-3 fatty acids that supports what a number of the lay have always thought. It has also been demonstrated that collagen damage and loss of other molecules in the joint of these guinea pigs was greatly reduced. This supports the idea that omega-3 helps to protect the joint from this disease. These researchers also indicate that omega-3 effects the biochemistry of the system and could therefore prevent the disease not only slow down further development.

According to Dr. Tarlton, from the Matrix Biology Research Group, the next step is to go beyond animal testing and apply omega-3 fish oil to humans to provide evidence that it does the same thing in humans. Nevertheless, this animal study on guinea pigs provides hope for humans that suffer from osteoarthritis as well as preventing osteoarthritis simply by enhancing our diets with omega-3 fish oil. The nice thing about omega-3 is that it is naturally found in certain foods, easily bought in supplement form and could be considered a treatment therapy in the near future. Dr. Tarlton also points out that fish oil is more effective than flax oil however, for those of you who are vegans/vegetarians flax oil is certainly their alternative.

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