MCT oil

November 12, 2012

MCT oil

MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides, MCT oils are fats dealt with in a particular way by the human body. Long-chain triglycerides are generally stored in fat cells by the body as they are difficult to process.

However, MCT oils are absorbed by the bloodstream and provide a fast source of energy – they are unlikely to be stored as body fat. These medium-chain triglycerides are a convenient fuel source and easily burned away – when metabolised they react in the body as a carbohydrate, not a fat.

Medium-chain triglycerides are found in coconut and palm oil – coconut oil is renowned for its excellent health properties and is widely recommended as a daily dietary supplement. With little or no flavour content, it is possible to use this oil in a wide variety of ways without difficulty.

Anyone considering introducing MCT into their diet should do so gradually in order for the body to become used to it – too much too quickly is likely to cause abdominal cramps.

Where does it go?

MCT oil

does not pass through the lymphatic system – it goes, instead, to the liver where it is processed and used as fuel in a similar way to carbohydrates. Medium-chain triglycerides are thought to keep levels of body fat down whilst increasing energy levels; they are also thought to have a thermogenic effect within the body.

Easily absorbed means great benefits

MCT oils

are easily absorbed and are, therefore, of great benefit to those with any kind of digestive disorder – including Crohn’s disease and/or irritable bowel syndrome. It is thought that MCT encourages good intestinal health by removing the bacteria that may cause inflammation of the intestines.

In those suffering with diabetes

MCT oil

is thought to regulate levels of blood sugar.

Originally used in the treatment of diseases such as cystic fibrosis, fat malabsorption and obesity

MCT oil

is now widely used by many people for a wide range of reasons.

Bodybuilding, fitness, and athletes

MCT oil

recognised as having excellent fat burning and energy sustaining qualities – meaning it is of great benefit to bodybuilders and those in the pursuit of fitness and healthy living. It appears that medium-chain triglycerides cause calories to burn at a faster rate following consumption than do other fats; they are also thought to improve metabolic rate by boosting thyroid function.

The benefits of MCTs in the pursuit of weight gain and weight loss are numerous. The addition of this oil to food enables bodybuilders to increase their calorie intake without increasing the amount of food consumed. For athletes the use of MCT means their body fat content is not increased due to its behaviour as a carbohydrate. The thermogenic properties of this oil mean that muscle mass can be increased whilst body fat percentage can be decreased – with the individual continuing to maintain a healthy appearance.

Maintain a healthy immune system

In addition to maintaining glucose levels, medium-chain triglyceride oil is also beneficial to the maintenance of a healthy immune system and in promoting an overall sense of good health and well-being.


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