Low calorie diet – guaranteed to work

November 12, 2012

Low calorie diet – guaranteed to work

Laboratory research involving animals appears to show that a low calorie diet may increase life expectancy – however, many of us don’t know exactly what constitutes a low calorie diet. The average individual consumes over 2,000 daily – therefore a low calorie diet means consuming around 1,800 calories daily for men and 1,500 for women. Some people prefer to reduce their calorie intake to around 1,200 calories – any lower than this may lead to nutrient deficiency.

See your doctor

Before starting any diet, not just a low calorie diet, it is always wise to consult your medical practitioner and have a full examination – this is especially important for those individuals with any underlying medical conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, or diabetes. Your doctor will monitor your progress with regular weight checks and monitoring of blood pressure and BMI levels.

Daily calorie requirement

Calorie requirements vary from individual to individual – and may vary over time. Using a calorie calculator will help you work out the number of calories needed to maintain your weight – and therefore calculate the required reduction as you begin your low calorie diet. It is always wise to start with a small reduction – making drastic changes to calorie intake may be too difficult to adjust to. Reducing calorie intake should be regarded as a lifestyle change rather than simply a low calorie diet.

Do some shopping

Following a low calorie diet means that you will need some scales and measuring cups in order to measure quantities of food and beverages. It is also a good idea to keep a food diary – this will help you keep track of all the food you consume, many people are shocked to discover how much food they actually eat! Using a food diary to keep track of the foods you eat and their calorie content as well as your weight loss rate will help you to see what foods are beneficial to your weight loss regime.

Make healthy choices

Making every calorie count is an important part of any low calorie diet regime – it is important to make every calorie count. Eating foods that are rich in nutrients is a better option than using your calorie allowance up on ‘empty’ junk foods. A healthy well balanced diet filled with fresh fruit and vegetables, lean protein, and healthy fats will aid weight loss far more than a diet filled with processed, packaged foods.

Don’t deprive yourself

As your diet progresses it is important to allow yourself a treat, choosing healthy treats such as dark chocolate or a small glass of red wine will encourage you to stay focused on your weight loss regime. It is also possible to find small fun-sized treats for around 150 calories, watching the portion size of your treats will ensure there is no negative effect on your weight loss.

Lifestyle changes

Using a low calorie diet as a weight loss method will also help you to make the necessary lifestyle changes to maintain a healthy weight once you reach your target weight. It is important to include regular, moderate exercise as part of your new, healthy lifestyle and this too will help maintain a healthy weight. Try to plan meals ahead, make a shopping list – and stick to it. When in the supermarket it is a good idea to shop around the edges of the store – the centre aisles are generally filled with processed, pre-packed, and unhealthy options that are best avoided. Remember to drink plenty of fluids – choosing beverages that are low in calorie or calorie free.


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