Kidney Infection Symptoms

November 12, 2012

Kidney Infection Symptoms

Suffering from pain in the lower back can be very debilitating to a patient. But trying to find out the exact cause of this pain can be very difficult. This is as a result of the complex muscular skeletal system. It may be the cause of the pain is muscular and this could be as a result of a muscle having been pulled or spasms in the back. Or lower back pain may be due to injuries to the pelvis and hip or it could be that the spine is out of alignment and the nerves are being compressed. There can be many causes of lower back pain. One reason is connected to bad posture over a period of time and this is a very common cause of back pain, particularly in the area of the lower back.

Lower back pain may be an indication in certain cases that there is a problem with the internal organs, particularly the kidneys. Lower back pain is one of the common kidney infection symptoms.

The kidneys are two organs that are about the size of a small fist that are essential in removing the waste in the blood. The kidneys are used as a filter to keep the blood healthy and if the kidneys are not operating as they should this is when a build up of waste develops.

The pain being experienced can be caused by a mild kidney infection, the presence of kidney stones and in the worst case scenario acute renal failure. Kidney problems and kidney infection symptoms can be associated with lower back pain and this is because the kidneys are located on each side of the spine.

To cause even more confusion and complications the pain that is produced by kidney infection symptoms can spread into the hip area and also the area of the groin.

To determine whether the pain is as a result of a kidney infection your doctor will probably request that you carry out a urine test in the first instance. They will also determine whether you are experiencing other symptoms along with the pain you are experiencing in the lower back area. Kidney infection symptoms can include urinating frequently, appearance of blood in the urine, unpleasant smell in the urine and a cloudy appearance of the urine. Other indications of kidney infection symptoms are having a very high temperature and possibly experiencing fever as well as experiencing an upset stomach.

If you have suffered from a kidney infection you will be aware of how painful it can be. In order to reduce the chances of a kidney infection developing drink lots of water and if you are not too keen on the taste or lack of taste of water put a slice of lemon or lime in it. And if you can when you are out and about carry a bottle of water with you so you can always have a drink.


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