Ketamine Effects

November 12, 2012

Ketamine Effects

If ketamine is taken in a low dosage it is a mild but weird stimulant. It belongs in the same class of drugs as nitrous oxide (laughing gas), DXM and PCP (Angel Dust).

When ketamine is taken in medium to high doses it is a paralyzing, powerful psychedelic and the effects are similar to a combination of alcohol, nitrous oxide, cocaine, opium and cannabis.

Ketamine effects can give the illusion of disassociation or separation of the body from the mind which means the brain will not react to the sensations from the body. Because of this the sense of perception is increased to fill this gap and this means that the effects of Melamine’s mind expanding effects come into force.

A low dosage of ketamine increases blood pressure and heart rate but large dosages lead to the respiratory system become depressed.

The ketamine effects develop very quickly and even a small amount can make you feel as if you are floating and you may also experience numbness in the arms and legs. Within 20 minutes of taking ketamine it may be difficult to move and people who have used a higher dose say the experience feels as if what they can only describe as a near death experience or an out of body experience.

At the peak of taking ketamine many people report hallucinations and communicating with entities you were never aware of. Other ketamine effects can be the user thinking that they are sharing thoughts and visions with others nearby. Hallucinations can include the sensation of flying and seeing imagery.

Many users fall into a trance like state and they are either lying or sitting down at this point. The eyes of the users may move from side to side but not seeing anything.

The ketamine effects seem to be polarised. For some they say it was spiritual and life changing, but for others it was unemotional, lonely and sometimes frightening. But users do say it is very intense.

A ketamine trip will last no longer than 90 minutes and this is irrespective of the amount of ketamine that was taken. If you have a high tolerance the experience may be shorter and the effects of ketamine disappear very quickly.

Anyone who has had a general anaesthetic will recognise the post operative feeling and this is similar to the feeling after you have come down from ketamine. Other ketamine effects that may be experienced are drowsiness, sore muscles and an inability to make complicated decisions or listen to loud noise. You may also feel disorientated and in a state of shock if you have taken a high dose of ketamine. Other people who have used ketamine report a feeling of having so much energy, they want to stretch, dance and move around a lot.

It is quite usual after taking ketamine to suffer from lapses in memory about any of the details of your trip although at the time it felt so intense.

People who use ketamine over a long period of time can retreat into what they see as a ketamine world that they no longer want to take part in the reality of the world. They feel the hallucinations and visions they experience while taking this drug are more meaningful and real than what is in the real world.

Studies that have been carried out on users who have been using ketamine over a four year period found that kidney and bladder damage developed. It is also common for users of ketamine to develop urinary tract infections.

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