Jock Itch Treatment

November 12, 2012

Jock Itch Treatment

The medical term for jock itch is tinea corporis and is a fungal infection in the groin area. The term jock itch is used because there are a higher number of athletes who suffer from this in comparison to the non-athletes.

The fungi known as dermatophytes that causes jock itch is the same fungus that is the cause of athlete’s foot. If you are suffering from athlete’s foot it is important to treat jock itch to reduce the risk of any cross contamination.

Jock itch treatment that can be bought over the counter normally contains anti-fungals. These fall into two main groups of drugs and these are azoles and ally amines. It appears that using ally amines produces quicker results in treating this but they are expensive. The alternative azoles do not tend to work quite as quick and they tend to be slightly cheaper.

Terbinafine is classed as an ally amine and can be bought under the trade name of Lamisil as a gel or a cream. A study that had been carried out found that Lamisil was approximately 89% efficient as a treatment when it was used once a day over a period of seven days. It was also found that Lamisil worked very well on hairy skin. Terbinafine is an ingredient in naftifine which is sold as Naftin and this can be purchased either in a gel or cream and can be used for jock itch treatment.

Miconazole is azoles that are contained in Monistat-Derm and Micatin and these can be bought in cream form. Lotrimin AF that contains clotrimazole can be purchased in lotion or cream form. Exelderm contains sulconazole and is a wide ranging anti fungal solution or cream and this offers anti-yeast benefits.

A topical synthetic wide ranging anti-fungal product that contains Ciclopirox can be bought as a shampoo, gel, cream, liquid or lotion with the brand name of Loprox. This is sold as nail lacquer treatment for dermatophyte fungal infections of the finger and toe nails under the brand name of Penlac.

Nizoral is a man made wide ranging anti-fungal cream that is sold with the brand name of Nizoral and can be used for jock itch treatment. This has been on the market for quite a while in the treatment of tinea corporis.

Ertaczo which contains sertaconazole is a cream that has anti-fungal agents.

Tinactin contains the active ingredient tolnaftate and can be bought in liquid, gel, powder, spray or cream.

If over the counter medicines for jock itch treatment are not able to resolve the jock itch your doctor may prescribe topical treatments such as Econazole and the brand name for this cream is Spectazole. There is a generic type available with the name econazole nitrate cream. And oxiconazole is an active anti-fungal compound that is available in lotion and cream with the brand name of Oxistat.

If the jock itch symptoms are severe it may be you are given oral medicine such as Sporanox. Another oral medication that is available is Terbinafine and Diflucan known as Lamisil also helps in jock itch treatment.

As with all medications it is important to be aware of any side effects that may develop when taking them.


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