Itchy Vagina

November 12, 2012

Itchy Vagina

If you have a dry itchy vagina it is irritating and uncomfortable and most women have experienced this at some time. It is important to know that there are many reasons for a dry itchy vagina.

Irritants such as bathing soaps, detergents and douches can all lead to discomfort in the vagina. There are particular douches that contain alcohol and this can cause dryness in the area of the vagina and there are some that have chemicals that can alter Ph levels in the vagina and this leads to an itchy vagina. Many also contain perfumes and this may cause irritation to the vagina. Do not wash the area of the vagina with harsh, perfumed soap as the vagina is capable of self-cleaning. Vaginal infections and discomfort can arise due to infections. Genital warts are a common vaginal infection that can cause itching and swelling. A yeast infection is caused by candida albicans and the symptoms of this are a discharge similar to cottage cheese and it is also associated with an extreme itching.

Bacterial vaginosis is an infection that is characterized by a discharge of yellow/greenish colour, burning sensation around the vagina and a fishy smell is also associated with this infection.

Many women will self medicate vaginal infections. Many women have used a yeast cream incorrectly to treat a bacterial vaginosis infection so it is very important to visit your doctor to get a correct diagnosis.

Eating too many foods that contains lots of sugar can cause an itchy vagina. The sugar alters the Ph levels in the body making it alkaline and this alters the Ph in the vagina. Remember sugar comes in many foods not just soda or candy, for example, white bread breaks down into sugar.

Wear cotton pants that fit well. Wash them in soap that has no harsh irritants or perfumes. It is preferable to wash them in soap that is a mild hypoallergenic one.

Many women report that shaving the vaginal area gives them relief from an itchy vagina.

Do not clean the vagina area with soap and if you feel you have to clean the vagina, avoid showering or bathing, just use a quarter cupful of vinegar in tepid diluted water. Splash around the area approximately three times per day and pat dry. Do not rub with a towel.

Avoid using specific vaginal creams or commercial douches; instead use the vinegar mix above. Or you can use an organic yoghurt douche and apply inside the vagina.

Taking probiotics helps to eliminate the bad bacteria in the gut and introduces healthy good bacteria cultures into your gut and this then kills of any microbes that may grow in or around the area of the vagina. A probiotic pessary is available that can be placed directly into the vagina which may eliminate the bad bacteria.

Pure natural honey can also be used as a pessary because it is very soothing and also antibacterial. Eating garlic is a good home remedy to ease itching and should this not help you may want to consider inserting garlic that has been peeled into the vagina and leave in place over night.

Should you still have an itchy vagina and discharge after you have tried over the counter medication, it is important to contact the doctor for advice and a physical examination?


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