Itchy Skin

November 12, 2012

Itchy Skin

Itchy skin is also known as pruritus. This is a very irritating condition to experience and there may be various reasons for the cause of this.

The first thing we all want to do if we have an itchy area or itchy skin is to scratch it. But as we know the scratching can make the problem much worse so if you can, try to avoid scratching.

There are occasions when itchy skin with no bumps or rashes can appear and there is no apparent reason for this. Pruritus is a very common side effect associated with bumps appearing on the skin, skin rashes and also diseases that may be related to organs such as kidney or liver.

If the itchy skin is all over the body and is a result of a health condition that may be underlying it is essential to try and get to the root of the health condition so that the associated side effects of the itching can be treated once you know exactly what the underlying condition is.

A rash appearing on the chest that is itchy may be as a result of suffering from anxiety. And this can be treated by receiving medication from the doctor or taking part in therapy to reduce the anxious feelings that you are experiencing. If the anxious feeling is reduced this may lead to the itchiness of the rash reducing.

Other reasons for rashes developing can be as a result of a dermatological condition such as pityriasis rosea which is a psoriasis like disorder of the skin and dermatitis.

If itchy skin is experienced all over the body and there is also the appearance of small bumps developing on the skin then a dermatologist will be able to determine what the best treatment would be in reducing these symptoms. It may be they recommend a soothing lotion that contains aloe vera in it or a hydrocortisone cream. Both of which may offer relief to the symptoms you are experiencing.

If you have a rash due to being bitten by an insect it may well be recommended that you use an antihistamine or a hydrocortisone cream to relieve the symptoms of itching on the body. The use of antihistamines that can be bought over the counter are often recommended in treating rashes that have developed because the body soap and detergent used has caused a reaction.

If you have a skin rash and it doesnÂ’t appear to be caused by any underlying health condition and using antihistamines, corticosteroid cream and soothing cream have not stopped any itchiness or calmed the eruptions on the skin then you will be given a topical cortisone treatment. This may include antihistamines and will have to be used in an effort to reduce the symptoms of itchy skin.

If any itching or skin rashes are not solved by the treatments recommended by your doctor then it will be necessary to visit a dermatologist in order to determine the exact course of treatment that will be required to solve this condition for you.

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