Is fluoride in water harmful?

November 12, 2012

Is fluoride in water harmful?

Small amounts of fluoride are commonly added to water supplies in a bid to help prevent tooth decay. But just how small an amount is added and there any chance the fluoride in water can be harmful?

Negative effects of fluoride

Fluoride is not a substance that is required by the human body to promote health or to maintain proper functioning. In fact fluoride is one of the known most toxic substances that can be found on this planet. This puts it in the same category as arsenic and lead. Another problem with fluoride is that itÂ’s what known as a cumulative poison. This means that it builds up in our body rather than entering and exiting in the fashion of many other substances. Once inside the human body only half of the consumed fluoride in water will be eliminated from the body. Naturally over time this leads to a build up of fluoride in the body, which will eventually begin to have effects. The appearance of small white spots on the teeth of children and young people is one of the signs that fluoride poisoning is occurring. This condition is known as dental fluorosis and often suggests that there is potential damage also being done to the bones. Although fluoride makes bones denser, it also makes them more brittle and therefore more prone to bone fractures as time goes on. Furthermore there has been some links to fluoride in water and motor dysfunction and learning disabilities. Studies have been conducted on both animals and humans and have suggested that being exposed to certain levels of fluoride has a negative effect on the development of the brain. The levels that were studied are similar to the levels individuals who regularly consume fluoridated water are exposed to.

Why are we drinking fluoridated water?

So with all of these negative issues relating to fluoride in water, how did we end up willingly putting this poison into our bodies? It all began with the production of the H-Bomb, when fluoride was required in massive amounts in order to process uranium. Subsequently the area surrounding the plant where this production was taking place became contaminated from fluoride emissions and began to make people sick. This prompted thorough research to be conducted into the effects and safety of fluoride. Around the same time the aluminum industry were creating a great deal of fluoride waste, which they were looking for a market for. They began a long-term study to prove that fluoride in water can help to prevent cavities. However before the study was completed and before any results suggested that fluoride was either safe or effective, the chemical was already being added to our water supplies. Today, when brought up, concerns over fluoride water get brushed aside and comments continue to be made stating that is optimal quantities fluoride in water is safe. Eyes are beginning to open in the right area though, as more and more studies and research makes it hard to continue to ignore consistent results.

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