If You’ve had a Heart Attack Then Stay Calm

November 12, 2012

If You’ve had a Heart Attack Then Stay Calm

People with a Heart Attack Who are Angry have Double the Risk of Having Another Heart Attack, says Study .

The findings of a study which shows that anger and stress have negative effects on heart attack patients was presented the European Society of Cardiology. The report studied heart attack survivors for more than 10 years and identified that those with an angry nature had a higher risk of further heart attacks, both fatal and non fatal. Psychological testing was used to identify those with anger issues and stress problems. Those with the highest scores on the anger tests were 2.3 times more prone to further heart attacks. If they were high on the stress testing scale then, on average, they had almost double (1.9) the chance of another heart attack when compared to participants who had low scores.

It was also identified that over half of those with high scores went on to have a further heart attack compared to less than 25% of those who had low scores in the tests.

Other factors associated with heart disease, including cholesterol levels, weight, age, blood pressure and gender were all taken into account. The study was relatively small scale, involving 228 people who had previously had a heart attack. The study was predominantly male with 200 men. During the 10 years 28 participants died of heart attacks and another 51 had another non fatal heart attack.

A researcher admits that “Anger is a primitive emotion that cannot be switched off at will”. However if it is not controlled then the result will be an increased risk of heart attack. If someone is already at risk because of earlier heart attacks then the result can be fatal. But people can change their behavior according to the researcher. This view is fully supported by American College of Cardiology Vice President John Harold, MD, a heart specialist at the University of California, Los Angeles. He says “When a heart attack patient comes in and exhibits anger or turns beet red or is stressed out, I can almost predict that they are not going to do well if they don’t change their behavior”.

He further points out that relaxation is the answer and often suggests taking an ocean cruise. It is well worth noting that a heart attack patient must learn when to walk away from a stressful situation that is getting out of hand.


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