How to successfully and speedily treat a sore throat

November 12, 2012

How to successfully and speedily treat a sore throat

We all know of traditional and alternative remedies to relieve the symptoms of a sore throat, but what is the best treatment to get rid of a sore throat fast?

When you are suffering from a sore throat add on an extra 3 hours to your sleep pattern. If possible try and sleep between eleven and thirteen hours over the 24 hour period from when the symptoms of a sore throat began. By doing this you are helping yourself get rid of a sore throat fast.

On waking in the morning and before bed time have a lukewarm shower. Not too hot as this will raise your body temperature and a fever could develop. If you are susceptible to fevers and have a sore throat do not take a cold shower as the shivers will get worse and this in turn affects the sore throat symptoms.

Keep drinking fluids. Many people have recommended drinking lots of water, Powerade and Gatorade to get rid of a sore throat fast. Alternate between these and try warm honey, lemonade and warm apple cider.

Take a vitamin supplement every day. Taking vitamins daily may help to get rid of a sore throat fast and vitamins are good for you when trying to prevent sore throats developing.

Because of the frequent drinking of fluids remember to go to the restroom. Bacterium is present in urine so it is very important to dispose of it.

Should your sore throat be accompanied by a cough, try not to swallow whatever is in the mouth, spit it out. Sore throats can develop because mucus from the nasal tubes can travel to the throat.

Throat sprays like Equate or Tylenol are effective in treating a sore throat. Stick to the one type of spray and avoid using too much as the lining of the throat could break. Try lozenges to help relieve the symptoms of a sore throat. Strepsils are effective in treating sore throats that range from mild to painful.

Other useful tips on how to get rid of a sore throat fast are taking medication like ibuprofen approximately every 4 to 6 hours. To clear the nasal passages, it is important for the patient to frequently blow their nose.

Your temperature should be taken every 24 hours while you have a sore throat. Should it be above 101 degrees it is recommended to contact the doctor. who will be able to carry out an examination. Maintain good personal hygiene and wash hands frequently. Stay away from foods that are spicy and foods and drinks which have are high in sugar content.

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