How to manage your Stress ?

November 12, 2012

How to manage your Stress ?

Stress is all around us, it’s everywhere. You cannot avoid it. The only thing that we can do is learn to cope with it and there are many strategies known to help us to cope.

Some good ideas are below and they are easy to do and can be started at any time. If one doesn’t feel quite right for you, then try another one. When you are happy with your choice just work at it until you feel comfortable doing it. Then whenever you feel stress building up just revert to your chosen strategy to help you cope with the situation.

The following techniques are designed to relax your body and mind. The first group is intended to help relax the brain.

Relaxing Your Mind

You’ve just had a stressful situation, don’t leave it all pent up, release it. Do what feels right, talk, cry, laugh; you can even be angry if you feel the need. Talk to friends or family and get the feelings out because this helps to relieve the stress in a healthy and easy manner.

Some people keep a stress log. It’s just a diary relating to the situations that you find stressful. It identifies what is stressful to you and how successful you are at coping with the situation. By re-visiting your log you can identify issues and work at improving your responses. Other people just write in a more unstructured fashion for 10 or 15 minutes a day relating to things which caused them to be stressed and how they felt when under stress.

Other successful techniques are very straight forward and commonplace. Basically do something that you enjoy and gets you away from the stress. How about hobbies? Whether it’s reading books or gardening or a creative activity such as model building or painting, everything counts. Just taking the dogs for a long walk across countryside that you love will take the stress away.

If you just do not have time to spare then try meditation or guided imagery. Focus on the present – if you meditate then you are focusing on the here and now. Your full attention is taken with your activity; whether you are focusing on breathing or an object it relaxes you.

Guided imagery is similar to meditation however you focus on an image that calms you. It can be anywhere and any setting. This technique can be learned from books, tapes, CDs and practitioners.

Relaxing Your Body

The most obvious and perhaps easiest way to relax your body is to take up exercise. Whether it is just going for a brisk walk or playing squash or just a bit of heavy gardening, it relaxes the body and reduces stress. Some people prefer muscle stretching, perhaps because of its closeness to some forms of yoga.

Along these lines learning breathing techniques and how to relax your muscles can all be beneficial when trying to relieve stress. One style of breathing is the roll breathing exercises, which forces you to take deep breaths. There is also a muscle relaxation technique which can minimize muscle tension. With practice you can work on individual muscle groups relaxing each group in turn.

Everyone has heard of yoga but other forms of activity also combine meditation and exercise. Give tai chi or gi gong a try. Perhaps you must work with a practitioner to learn the basics, however there are many books and CDs available for those interested. As well as all of the techniques and activities here there are many more methods to manage your stress by causing your body and mind to unwind. Just keep looking until you find your perfect match and by employing it regularly your ability to cope with stress will be greatly increased.

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