How good are antiallergy eye drops?

November 12, 2012

How good are antiallergy eye drops?

There are many varieties of eye drops that may be used for watery or itchy eyes and also eye drops for swollen eyes and irritated eyes.

Eye drops which are used in the relief of watery or itchy eyes include the following: antihistamines such as Optivar (azelastine), Alaway or Zaditor (ketofie) or Patanol (olopatadine). All of these eye drops are used to treat and provide relief for symptoms of watery and itchy eyes.

There are other eye drops that contain anti-inflammatory agents such as Acular (ketrolac) and Alrex and Lotemax which are corticosteroid eye drops which contain lotepredonol. These are medications are used to lessen irritation and swelling.

Medications which can be bought over the counter and that are used for relief from hay fever and allergies are available. These eye drops have the following ingredients, nephazxoline, phenylephrine or tetrahydrozoline which are decongestants. They also contain the following antihistamines, antazoline or pheniramine. Examples of these eye drops include brand makes such as Naphcon-A, Opcon-A, Clear Eyes and Visine Allergy Relief.

These antiallergy eye drops work by reducing the inflammation in the eyes and stopping the release of histamine. This results in a reduction of the symptoms in the eye of swelling, tearing and itching.

If you have any allergies from the ingredients used in the eye drops or any other medication do not use these medications. Should you have an eye infection it is best to avoid using eye drops and consult with your doctor to get an alternative treatment..

The method of using eye drops is to tilt your head back and using the index finger to pull down the lower eyelid, squeeze gently and release the required number of drops into the pocket of the eye.

If you are using corticosteroid eye drops then do not use them at the same time as anitallergy eye drops because the risk of an eye infection is increased.

There are side effects associated with using anti allergy eye drops, as with all medicines, and these are as follows:

A temporary burning or stinging sensation may occur when the antiallergy eye drops are used. And if this irritation does not go away it is important you contact the doctor.

The use of corticosteroid eye drops has a tendency to increase the pressure in the eyes. It is very important for people who suffer with glaucoma or cataracts use any eye drops with caution.

Should you suffer from any of the unwanted side effects associated with using anti allergy eye drops it is very important to make an appointment with your doctor. They will be able to give you the appropriate medication which is going to be effective and suitable for you.

General precautions should also be taken when using eye drops. After inserting the eye drops wait approximately 10 minutes before inserting your soft contact lenses if you wear them and always be aware of cleanliness when using eye drops and avoid contamination of the eye drop solution and the dropper tip.


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