hCG Drops Reviews

November 12, 2012

hCG Drops Reviews

hCG diet drops are often used to replace the hCG injections that promote weight loss. The hCG diet plan includes hCG supplements along with a low-calorie diet that activates the hormone and promotes increased fat metabolism.

hCG Drops

hCG, or the human chorionic gonadotropin, is a pregnancy hormone that helps maintain testosterone levels in the early stages of pregnancy, and thereby prevents miscarriage. Many researchers also believe that the hormone has the ability to tap into the fat reserves in your body, and thereby, convert them into energy. They also help suppress appetite. The hormone can, however, be activated only when combined with a low-calorie diet, which is usually limited to 500 calories per day.

hCG injections have been used traditionally to promote weight loss. However, hCG drops have been introduced in the market in place of the painful injections. The drops can be absorbed rapidly in your body, and claim to help you lose 1 to 2 pounds per day. The diet is great for men and women.

Side Effects

While the hCG drops are generally considered safe, the low-calorie diet associated with it may lead to headaches, fatigue and dizziness. Many health care professionals are also worried that the hCG diet plan may lead to loss of muscle mass and nutritional deficiencies. There are hundreds of products in the market. You may, therefore, benefit by reading hCG drops reviews before deciding on a product.


hCG drop reviews that are favorable believe that they are better than injections because of the ease of administration. If you wish to inject the hormone, you have to look for buttocks, thighs and belly. The drops do not have any specific requirements. The hCG supplements are available in two categories – the normal pharmacy grade, and the homeopathic hCG. The hCG drops reviews will help you understand the benefits and side effects of various products in the market. Peer comments will give you a perspective about the use of the hCG diet by fellow consumers. The hCG drops revews will also guide you about the manufacturers and websites that sell genuine products. Your will learn about the existing Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, regulations and records.

You should also check the credibility of the website that is selling the hCG drops. Many hCG drops reviews will also give you information about potential scammers and help you make the right decision. You may also benefit from talking to your doctor or health care professional about the benefits and side effects of the hCG drops and the associated diet plans.

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