Following the Anti Candida Diet

November 12, 2012

Following the Anti Candida Diet

The anti candida diet is not the latest fad diet but a diet recommended to those men and women suffering from a yeast infection or candida. Yeast is a type of fungus. The fungus that causes candida is called Candida albicans. Sometimes, the chemistry of genitalia can change so that Candida albicans reproduces wildly and causes symptoms of a yeast infection.

Since symptoms of a yeast infection are similar to other aliments such as sexually transmitted diseases or a bladder infection, it is important to let a medical professional diagnose your ailment and get the right medication. If you have been diagnosed with a yeast infection or candida, then help your medications work their best by following an anti candida diet.

What You Can’t Eat

The anti candida diet is generous in many ways, but there are certain foods that patients are encouraged to stay away from until they recover. Since yeast eats sugars, any foods with a lot of sugar are discouraged, including baked goods, tinned fruit and fruit juice. Also discouraged:

  • Mushrooms, which sometimes can cause candida symptoms to flare up

  • Honey, because it contains sugar

  • Maple syrup

  • Alcoholic beverages, because of the sugars in fermented drinks

  • Caffeinated beverages, because caffeine can trigger candida symptoms

  • Vinegar or anything made with vinegar because of the yeast

  • All peanut products, including peanut oil

  • White rice

  • All pork products

  • Processed meats like hot dogs

  • Wild-caught shellfish which may contain pollutants from the water

  • Sweet potatoes or yams, because of the sugar

  • Dairy products (except plain yogurt) because of milk sugar

  • Sugary condiments like ketchup, cocktail sauce or relish.

Also throw out any leftovers in the refrigerator because the food may have spoiled. Even if you can’t smell any changes, the food may be growing microscopic mold spores which you do not need to eat. Avoid take-out as that also contains lots of sugars and yeast. Avoid frozen dinners or pre-made meals in the refrigerated section of your supermarket. They also contain sugars, yeast and vinegar.

What You Can Eat

At first glance, it may seem that you cannot eat a lot on the anti candida diet. If you have been suffering a bad yeast infection, then it may be difficult to get any appetite. You do need to eat something in order to help your body’s immune system. Here are some foods permissible on the anti candida diet:

  • Unsweetened herbal tea

  • Water

  • 100% cranberry juice or cranberry juice and water

  • Stevia – a sweetener made from the stevia plant

  • Natural plain yogurt, preferably without sugar or artificial sweeteners

  • Low-sugar fruits like apples

  • Eggs

  • Lean cuts of fresh meat (except pork)

  • Black pepper

  • Olive oil

  • Garlic, onions, chives

  • Dried herbs and spices

  • Brown rice or wild rice

  • Millet

  • Fresh or frozen dark green vegetables without sauce such as kale, spinach, collard greens, green beans, cabbage, broccoli or zucchini

  • Cauliflower

  • Radishes, preferably fresh

  • Nuts, except for peanuts.

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