Finding Free P90X Workout Sheets

November 12, 2012

Finding Free P90X Workout Sheets

P90X is the common name for an exercise program called Power 90 Extreme. This 90 day program began in 2003 and has been steadily gaining popularity ever since. There are several versions of this program, so you need to know which program you want to follow before finding free P90X workout sheets. Program types include PX90 Classic, PX90 Lean, PX90 One-on-One, PX90 Doubles and Power 90 Master Series. Beginners should stick to PX90 Classic or PX90 Lean.

P90X workout sheets are available for free on many fitness websites, including the official website for the program, and from fitness and body building blogs and magazine sites. These sites offer free downloads. You then print out the PX90 workout schedules when needed. Just use your favorite search engine to look for sites.

What Else You Need

PX90 workout sheets are about the only items of the program that are free. There are many other products sold through or its affiliate websites. These products include instruction DVDs, a chin-up bar, nutritional; supplement powders, a detailed diet plan that users of the program are supposed to follow and binders for your P90X workout sheets, test results and notes.

In order to do the exercises described in any of the P90X workout sheets, you need to have several other pieces of exercise equipment, including but not limited to:

  • Yoga or exercise mat

  • Yoga blocks

  • Hand weights or dumbbells

  • Workout gloves

  • Chin-up bar

  • Push-up bars

  • Elastic resistance bands

  • Exercise ball

  • Towel

  • Cardboard or plastic plate

  • Pen

  • Chair or stool

  • Heart rate monitor

People who want to follow any of the P90X exercise programs are encouraged to sign up with in order to receive personal motivation emails, newsletter and diet tips.

WhatÂ’s On The Sheets

Workout sheets list the exercises you are to do, how many times you need to do them, on what days they should be done and leaves blank spaces so that you make notes or check off that you performed the exercises. Exercises are to be done six days a week. It can take at least two hours per day to go through all the daily exercises in the program.

P90X workout sheets and plans contain a long series of exercises to workout each muscle group. There are about a dozen of these exercise series for each P90X program. They are done during different weeks of the plan, which is one reason why the workout sheets are so handy. You do not have to try to remember what exercises to do on which week.

Things To Keep In Mind

Any P90X program is an intense workout schedule not designed for people who are morbidly obese or seriously out of shape. They are designed mostly for young adults, professional athletes or body builders.

Anyone with a chronic illness such as a heart condition or severe arthritis should talk to their doctor before trying out any of these programs to see if you are healthy enough for these exercises.

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