Fasting To Lose Weight – What You Need To Know.

November 12, 2012

Fasting To Lose Weight – What You Need To Know.

Fasting intermittently can help to lose weight and also to keep the weight off in the longer term.

Many people who take part in fasting as a way to achieve weight loss say it is best to keep this private. It appears trying to justify the fasting is hard work and it is best to allow people to see the results on your body when at your fasting weight. People who take part in fasting often just say to others they eat less and go into no more detail.

Taking a 24 hour break from eating can appear a bit scary but the more you aim for a fasting weight and the more fasting you do the easier it becomes. Start with one day of fasting over a 7 day period. If you find you want to eat then have something and start fasting another day. Start off with one day of fasting over a 7 day period. If you find it difficult to start to do this, begin slowly. In the first instance try to miss breakfast then going on to missing lunch too.

Taking a break from eating will help you to understand the relationship you have with food. And you will find your choice of food will be different because of the fasting period and aiming for your fasting weight.

We are creatures of habit and lunch at noon is more than likely routine rather than hunger. After completing a couple of fasting periods it will be easier not to eat at a set time, you will eat when hungry. Fasting changes the way you think about food and it is more than likely the tradition of three meals a day will be completely changed.

If you are aiming to lose weight by fasting it is important to remember there has to be a calorie deficit to lose weight. This means that if you are doing a fast for 24 hours and the following day the calorific intake is higher than required, you will not experience any weight loss. When carrying out a fasting period it is important not to over compensate your food intake the next day. There are benefits associated to your health by having a fasting weight loss program.

Ensure that you know what your resting metabolic rate and your basal metabolic rate level is and this will be a guide for your daily calorie intake.

Before taking part in any diet program or exercise regime speak with your doctor in the first instance and inform them you would like to take part in a fasting weight loss program.

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