Eat Stop Eat

November 12, 2012

Eat Stop Eat

Although most people would consider fasting as a way to lose weight and at the same time lose muscle mass there is a school of thought that believes that whilst losing weight muscles can also be built.

Books to Read if you are Considering Fasting

Steve Justa has written a book called Rock Iron Steel. In this book his recommendations are fast at least once a week for a 20-24 hour period. He claims this would increase strength and cleanse the body by removing all the toxins.

Another author Ori Hofmekler has written a dietary work entitled Warrior Diet which includes alternating between daily 20 hour fasting periods and then 4 hour feeding times. Some people have reported this wasn’t suitable to their lifestyle as the four hour time frame wasn’t convenient.

Most of the books on fasting using the eat stop eat method appear to be used for detox rather than as an aid to weight lifters. They recommend up to 10 days of fasting.

Meal Frequency

Studies have shown that by eating at 3 hour intervals your metabolism does not increase. Eating meals less frequently or fasting decreases the metabolism. The first 36 hours of fasting is when the metabolic rate increases. This is why the eat stop eat system works according to its supporters.

Eat Stop Eat

One plan which may work is Martin Berkhan’s, Lean Gains. This plan is very like the Warrior Diet and Brad Pilon’s Eat Stop Eat program. There is no system on Lean Gains at the moment so you would have to apply to his coaching program, read the blog and search forum posts to understand how it works.

Brad Pilon’s book Eat Stop Eat has lots of useful and helpful information. This book can be downloaded as an e-book which contains 90 pages and research information on fasting. The book contains information which is based on the benefits of fasting and also how to fast successfully.

It is easy to follow the instructions of Eat StopEat and details on fasting for once or twice per week for a period of 24 hours. You pick the days which suit you.

Benefits from Eat Stop Eat are below:

  • Fat Loss and Weight Loss can be expected if you fast twice per week for a 24 hour period. The calorie intake drops by 25% and the fat burning hormones receive a boost.

  • Muscles are built up because fasting does not cause any muscle breakdown and the metabolism is not slowed down.

  • Cravings for food and hunger tend to be more of a mental reaction than a physical reaction. Fasting teaches you how to control these and in turn any food addiction is broken.

  • When fasting twice a week it means you are saving money by not buying food on the 8 days you are fasting every month. Some people have reported a saving of approximately 20% on their food bill.

  • Personal productivity is increased when fasting as you don’t have to concern yourself with cooking, eating or anything at all food related.

  • Many people also report an increase in their energy levels. They don’t feel as lethargic, weak or tired when they go to the gym. Some even report the days after fasting are their best days at the gym.

By fasting twice per week there have been no reports of any loss of strength. Many people say they feel stronger after they have fasted.


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