Does your baby have a rash on their face?

November 12, 2012

Does your baby have a rash on their face?

All parents worry about the health of their baby and first time parents will worry about everything concerning their new baby. Certainly make an appointment with the doctor about any rash that appears on the face it’s also good to know what some of the common causes of rashes appearing on your baby’s face.

Many newborn babies have extremely small, white spots that appear on their face, particularly at the tip of their nose and on the cheeks. This condition is known as milia and some parents think it is a form of acne but it is not. The cause of milia is as a result of a build up of dead skin and will not cause any harm to a newborn baby. These tiny spots normally go away within a couple of weeks.

Don’t panic when you read about the condition erythema toxicum neonatorum. This is also known as a newborn rash and causes no harm to the newborn baby. It is a common condition that appears as a rash on the face and the body of 50% of all new babies. Some newborn babies will have the rash on their body and face while others it may only be on their face. The white centre of the rash may look as if it contains pus not unlike a small pimple. But there is no pus. This rash on the face will disappear on its own and no treatment is required.

The symptoms of infantile eczema normally appear within six months from the birth of your baby. This rash is dry, red and scaly and may first develop on the face of the baby. The cause of this condition is still not completely understood by the medical profession but many children who develop this have a medical history in their family of asthma, eczema or hay fever. Many babies will outgrow this condition by the time they are 2 years of age. The symptoms of eczema need to be treated so a visit to the doctor is essential.

Many babies who are teething develop what is known as a drool rash on the face. The because of the rash is as a result of the baby drooling and is made worse from any contact with clothes that are wet and the baby rubbing his face. The rash will develop in the area where there are the most drools and that is normally the chest, chin and neck. To treat this rash keep the area clean and dry and moisturize with ointment such as lanolin and this will help the healing process.

Heat rash or prickly heat normally develops in babies during the warmer weather. The symptoms of this rash appear as pink bumpy blotchy skin with or without blisters. The rash normally appears on the upper chest and neck but this can also appear on the baby’s face. No treatment is usually required as this heat rash will disappear on its own.

There are many illnesses that may cause a rash on the face of a baby and infants. Some can be serious and others are harmless. A rash on the face can develop in illnesses such as chickenpox, impetigo, rubella, chickenpox and fifth disease.

If a baby has any rash on the face it is wise to make an appointment with the doctor to make sure a correct diagnosis is made.

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