Do You Suffer from Disc Degeneration?

November 12, 2012

Do You Suffer from Disc Degeneration?

Disc degeneration happens to be a very common cause of lower back pain, and a lot of people misunderstand it, too. In fact, a lot of people who have lower back pain because of disc degeneration usually wonder what it really means.

They wonder if it will get worse as they get older, if it will become crippling, if their activities will become restricted, if they can still play their favorite sports, if it will spread onto other spinal areas, or if it will cause permanent damage, for example.

Behind the Name

One of the biggest reasons why patients get so confused when it comes to this condition is because its name sounds progressive and fatal. However, it isn’t actually a disease nor is it strictly degenerative per se. The word “degeneration” makes it seem like the symptoms of the condition will get worse as the patient gets older. However, when used for this particular condition, it doesn’t actually apply to its symptoms, but to the disc itself. So, although it may true that the degeneration of the disc will get worse over time, the pain that comes with it won’t get worse. As a matter of fact, it might get better as more time goes by.

Disc degeneration is actually considered as a normal part of aging since most people will experience disc changes with degeneration. As a matter of fact, this condition is pretty variable in its intensity and nature. The only difference is that some people will suffer from the symptoms, as well.

Behind the Debate

A lot of patients also tend to get confused when it comes to disc degeneration because a lot of doctors do not agree on its phrase describes.

In other words, few practitioners actually agree on what constitutes this condition’s overall diagnosis. Even medical books don’t have a proper description for it yet. Because of this, although a lot of doctors believe that it is commonly caused by lower back pain in younger adults, not a lot of them agree on its implications.

Overall, though, even if a debate is still going on in the medical industry regarding disc degeneration, several aspects of it are already known.

There are different aspects of it that are accepted by most people, for example, like the theory related to the degenerative cascade and the theory areas that are still being debated in the industry of medicine.

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