Cracking the Walnut

April 13, 2013

walnut fougasse

Nuts can add lots of flavor and crunch to your favorite dishes, and they just happen to be good for you. In this week’s Recipes for Health, Martha Rose Shulman celebrates the versatility of the walnut. As she writes:

I routinely throw them into salads of all kinds, and finely chopped walnuts can go into everything from omelets to pungent Mediterranean nut-based sauces to soups, pasta dishes and of course desserts. I consider them a pantry staple and keep a bag of shelled walnuts in the freezer at all times. When unshelled walnuts are available at my farmers’ market I keep them on hand as well. I use them up so quickly that I probably don’t need to keep the shelled walnuts in the freezer, but that’s where I always keep my nuts, because the oils in nuts are volatile and they can become rancid if they are not kept in a cool environment. I toast walnuts occasionally, but most often I prefer the sweeter flavor of fresh untoasted walnuts.

Here are five new recipes for cooking with walnuts.

Leek and Turnip Soup With Kale and Walnut Garnish: The crunchy walnuts contrast beautifully with the smooth, sweet-tasting soup.

Green Bean and Fava Bean Salad With Walnuts: Two seasonal beans make a beautiful salad for spring.

Mache and Endive Salad With Clementines and Walnuts: A salad with two high-omega-3 ingredients.

Iranian Herb and Walnut Frittata: A classic Persian herb frittata with yogurt and walnuts.

Walnut Fougasse or Focaccia: A Mediterranean flatbread where walnuts and their oil stand in for olives.

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